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Google Apps Unlimited – Maybe the Best Thing Ever

Posted by Greg Heier, Director of Partnerships on Sep 29, 2014

Google Apps UnlimitedIt’s an exciting time to be working in IT. Everyday, new technologies seem to hit the headlines, giving us new ways to accomplish goals. But this is huge! Google has a brand new offering for Enterprise customers: Google Apps Unlimited.

It’s packed with incredible features; but as with anything new, it is likely to raise some questions. In this post, we’d like to lay out the facts – and clear up some questions we are already receiving.

What is Apps Unlimited?
Google Apps Unlimited is a new offering from Google. It replaces your licenses for Google Apps for Work. Instead of paying for Google Apps for Work licenses, you would pay for Google Apps Unlimited licenses instead.

What’s included with Apps Unlimited?

  • Google Apps for your business
  • Unlimited Storage for Gmail and Drive
  • Advanced Org-Level controls for Drive (external sharing, sync, offline, etc)
  • Advanced auditing and reporting for Drive.

How does it work with Google Vault?
Google Apps Unlimited includes Google Vault. If you previously used Google Vault and you upgrade to Apps Unlimited, this replaces your licenses for Google Vault.

What does Apps Unlimited cost?
$10/user/month. This is the same point at which Google Apps + Google Vault were priced previously.

So why would I get Apps and Vault now that I could get Apps Unlimited?

What do you mean by “unlimited” storage? You mean, like, a couple terabytes, right?
No. UNLIMITED. Seriously.

What about purchasing storage licenses and managing user storage quotas?
How would you like never to have to do that again? Google Apps Unlimited is the culmination of the user storage management era. Free up your IT resources to focus on other projects that drive your business!

Can I place some of my users on Apps Unlimited and keep some on Apps for Work?
Google Apps Unlimited is a domain-wide purchase. All users in your domain become Apps Unlimited users.

Will I need to migrate to Apps Unlimited if I already have Google Apps for Work?
Nope. It’s seamless – and requires no migration activities.

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Greg Heier, Director of Partnerships

Greg Heier, Director of Partnerships

Greg manages the strategic partnership team at Onix and is an evangelist for all things cloud. He has a diverse background that covers IT, programming, data analytics, and business development.