G Suite Takes Manufacturer Into the Next 140 Years

Building on Google’s recent white paper series on the Drive for Innovation in the modern workplace, let’s explore how an Onix customer is putting these principles to work to help improve collaboration, reduce costs and streamline projects.

But first, if you’d like to view the previous white papers, please follow these links. Building the New Workplace showed us three ways IT is transforming the workplace. Next, Creating A Culture of Innovation: Eight Ideas that Work at Google explained that while there is no secret formula for innovation, Google follows eight tried and true principles; you can, too. Most recently, The Evolving Role of the CIO examined how the IT team can become a strategic partner in the business and shift from enforcer to enabler. CIO’s, you can be an agent of workplace transformation.

Now, on to a customer success story.

An Onix customer founded more than 140 years ago has become a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company has grown to more than 600 employees in the U.S., Spain and Singapore. With a focus on continued innovation and future expansion, the I.T. team knew technology would play a big role in the company’s success and help them compete with larger businesses like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Cloud Computing Transforms Way Pharma Company Works

In 2010, the I.T. department decided to address increasing issues with their Microsoft Exchange® server and Microsoft Outlook® software. Over the past several years, email spam had become a problem, and email storage capacity was overloaded. Updating the server and email software was going to be a big expense; to do this company-wide would have meant hiring additional I.T. staff members to upgrade each employee’s device, manage the system and troubleshoot issues. As an alternative the team decided to investigate cloud-computing solutions, quickly realizing that G Suite provided the company with a cost-efficient and easy-to-use path.

In 2011, Onix was brought in to deploy G Suite and to provide applications training to all employees in English and Spanish. Onix provided presentations highlighting each phase of the transition so the customer knew exactly how the migration would take place. Onix was able to help everyone on the team, including English and Spanish-speaking employees. Within days, employees who used Microsoft Outlook for email for the past 15 years fell in love with Gmail’s user interface, increased storage capacity and speed.

The I.T. team and sales and marketing department use Google’s collaboration tools such as Google documents and spreadsheets to streamline processes by sharing information across departments — and making real-time updates. Documents and spreadsheets also help teams across the company easily share information with their vendors.

The company is now seeing more employees bringing their tablets and smartphones into meetings to share information with each other instantly. But perhaps the most notable change was at the I.T. help desk, where calls decreased drastically almost overnight, allowing those team members to focus on more strategic projects.

Google aligns with this manufacturer’s vision; it’s not about hardware or software, but rather the end-user’s experience with the technology. And this manufacturer is excited to have Google take the company into the next 140 years.

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