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Going Google: How Google Cloud Transforms Any Enterprise

Posted by Monique L. Johnson, MBA, Strategic Marketer on Jan 10, 2019

Going Google CLEMaybe you’ve just launched your cloud journey. Or perhaps you’ve taken that first big step away from an on-premise environment. Either way, it’s never too late to harness the cloud’s power and transform the way your organization works.

Have you explored cloud solutions? There’s more to the cloud than email, file storage and infrastructure. In fact, our partner Google Cloud transforms enterprises with a full-service platform, from infrastructure and devices to workplace collaboration and more. It's all designed to elevate your organization to the next level of productivity and collaboration.

The Cloud: What You Need to Know

Chrome Enterprise: An OS, a browser and devices that work

Google Chrome is more than just a browser. It’s a complete operating system supported by a platform of workplace collaboration devices designed specifically for the cloud. This includes Chromebooks, Chromebox for Meetings, Jamboards — and even Google Pixel mobile phones.

With Chrome Enterprise, you get easy central management, greater productivity and improved collaboration. And it can help you realize as much as a 70 percent savings over three years compared with a Windows-based solution.

Google Maps Platform: Real-world insights and immersive location experiences

Whether you work in a small company, a government agency or a large enterprise, Google Maps Platform provides customized, real-time location-based solutions that deliver an immersive experience that takes your business to new heights, sending your users in the right direction.

You can develop and deploy Maps, Routes and Places across a variety of industries, and leverage use cases by embedding them into your sites, applications and internal platforms with the billing control you need. It’s that simple.

Cloud Search: The best of Google Search now available for your company

Employees spend a lot of time trying to find information. What if it could be as simple as a familiar Google search? Now it can.

Newly introduced, Cloud Search harnesses Google’s recognized power to deliver search results across your company’s content. Cloud Search helps your employees quickly, easily and securely find information across your enterprise. It seamlessly integrates with other G Suite apps, from Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more.

It’s powered by machine learning to surface instant, relevant results, delivering anything and everything at your fingertips. And it does all this with privacy and security models to meet your organization’s specific needs. With Cloud Search, you get the speed, performance and reliability that only Google can provide.

Google Cloud Platform: Build, innovate and scale

Do you deal with IT infrastructure challenges? Do you face costly outages, a lack of redundancy or backup, compute and storage capacity restraints — or ballooning legacy hardware costs?

All of these things can hinder innovation and prevent organizational growth. Best-in-class infrastructure is engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet, allowing you the flexibility to scale quickly, while still maintaining admin control.

When you leave an on-premise environment and elevate to Google Cloud Platform, you become free from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks.

By creating a secure, elastic future-proof cloud strategy — one that modernizes your existing infrastructure and applications by incorporating a cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud environment, you can focus on what’s really important — your business.

G Suite: Collaborate and be more productive

Offices today aren’t anything like those of the past. They’re diverse, dynamic, and chances are that not everyone works in-house every day. While some do still work at HQ, others work from home-based offices or other remote locations across different cities, states — and even countries.

So how do you connect and collaborate with everyone? The cloud.

Google Cloud’s G Suite workplace productivity tools deliver real-time collaboration solutions at your fingertips, connecting your teams with documents and ideas so they can innovate that next big idea, together.

Connect with Hangouts, Hangouts Meet Hardware and Gmail. Collaborate together in real-time on files stored on Google Drive, using Docs, Sheets and Slides. You can do all of this no matter where you are in the world — and with anyone on your team.

Going Google in Cleveland

If you’re in the greater Cleveland area, don’t miss the opportunity to discover in person how the cloud can transform the way you work — and elevate your organization to the next level of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and success.

How, you say? We’re bringing Google Cloud to Cleveland and you and your team on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Whether you’re using one, a combination — or all of these cloud solutions, join us for an all-Google Cloud event. There’s only one place to witness what a cloud transformation can do for you...Going Google in Cleveland. Live at Onix HQ.

Ready to see how Google Cloud transforms the way you work? Get more information and register today!

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Monique L. Johnson, MBA, Strategic Marketer

Monique L. Johnson, MBA, Strategic Marketer

Monique is a Strategic Marketer at Onix responsible for developing and executing campaigns that involve a healthy marketing mix including content development, digital media, event marketing, lead generation and other branding initiatives.