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Transformation Tip: Go All in With Google and Succeed

Posted by John Lawler, Director, Cloud Professional Services on Oct 20, 2014

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It is not enough these days for IT to deploy the best cloud computing tools to the organization. Today, the business units are introduced much earlier in the deployment process, and not just as a pilot or a project for early adopters.

Business Transformation has become a deployment workstream for new Onix customers and the results are easily benchmarked and evaluated in real time. For Google Apps, this is accomplished with the Reporting APIs and third party products such as CloudLock and SoftWatch. The business unit is a strategic and key player in setting the stage for the rest of the organization. They are the thought leaders in the process, and can make or break the success of your rollout.

When you give people tools that can accelerate collaboration and simplify communication you want to make sure those tools are adopted across the board,and as rapidly as possible. Co-existence is counterproductive. Tools like SoftWatch will evaluate the usage of MS Office in your organization and identify employees who are light users of these applications, or those who don’t use them at all. What if the majority of employees used a highly collaborative tool such as Google Drive to edit docs in real time, a tool that already exists in your Google Apps suite?

Suddenly people are improving business processes as simple as gathering data using Google Forms, or meeting remotely using Google Hangouts. These “out of the box” features provide solutions for many of the challenges faced by your organization. Short term wins can have some ripple effects across an organization, but a sense of urgency and expertise are required to lead this change effort strategically.

Long term wins are sometimes far out on the horizon because the vision is not shared early enough in the change process. With your new Google ecosystem, there is less need to wait for examples and inspiration for what is possible. We can offer those use cases now to your business leads to get their wheels turning. Our transformation services include workshops, process redesign and implementation, all of which engineer a new and better ways to work in the cloud. Our experienced staff of transformation specialists will leverage experience gained from working with many industries and tools so you benefit as much as possible from  the Google platform.

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John Lawler, Director, Cloud Professional Services

John Lawler, Director, Cloud Professional Services

John oversees all deployments of G Suite and Chrome and post deployment services that help customers see the value in the entire Google platform. He has been helping organizations go Google since 2009.