Getting Started with Chatbots and Conversational AI

Posted by Bryan McKay, Practice Lead - Enterprise Search in the Cloud PS Practice

Nov 08, 2021


In today’s market, digital interactions are everywhere. People — from customers to business partners — expect to find information and resources online. Chatbots powered by AI enable companies to deliver remarkable digital experiences and efficiently address your customers’ needs.

Early chatbots represented a big leap forward in the way businesses interact with their audiences, but today’s technology has matured much beyond those initial capabilities. 

Now, businesses have the ability to interact with their audiences through frictionless features that create an immediate, automated, and conversational experience.

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Bryan McKay, Practice Lead - Enterprise Search in the Cloud PS Practice

Bryan leads Onix’s Enterprise Search practice, helping customers find what they are looking for faster. He implements enterprise search technology to help customers grow their business, leverage information in systems and silos across the organization, tap into the network of expertise in the organization to improve collaboration and innovation, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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