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Get Fresh Ideas and Capture the Benefits of Digital Signage

Posted by Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices on Feb 27, 2015

Flight Information Digital Sign.pngWhile a busy schedule or limited budget may have kept you from attending Digital Signage Expo 2015 (DSE), you don’t have to miss the latest industry news, technologies and tools. Google and Onix recapped the conference in a Google Hangout.

Watch the video below to uncover fresh ideas that can help you capture the tremendous benefits of digital signage including:

  • Electronic displays increase safety, saving companies on average $78,000 per avoided injury
  • Digital signs can inspire disengaged employees, who account for 70% of the workforce
  • At-retail advertising drives additional sales 70%
  • Dynamic digital signage offers a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness
  • Electronic signs generate 32.8% growth in repeat buyers
  • Digital signs create a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volume
  • Real-time scoreboards immediately increase employee productivity 10.3%

Past Challenges and Future Opportunities of Dynamic Digital Signage

For many companies, the benefits of digital signage are highly sought after, but never found. Without doubt, successful sign strategies have been challenged by antiquated, high-cost signage platforms and cumbersome, manual content management systems.

Fortunately, dynamic digital signage technologies have changed. Marketers and corporate communicators can now engage customers and employees, boost productivity and the bottom line -- like never before. And believe it or not; much lower price tags dangle from the new platforms and software that enable these renewed benefits of digital signage.

With cost-effective programs within grasp, marketers and corporate communicators can —  now more than ever —  leverage electronic signs to meet and even exceed communications goals. In fact, many of these marketers and corporate communicators went to Las Vegas on March 10-13 to attend the DSE 2015 to learn how.

DSE 2015 — The World's Largest Trade Show of Electronic Signs and Interactive Technologies

The DSE is the world’s largest conference and trade show dedicated exclusively to showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions for customer and employee-facing organizations. Attendees gather ideas and tools from the 200 plus technology and services exhibitors, and also from extensive educational events and general conference seminars, including sessions covering these topics:

  • Future Trends in Digital Signage
  • Demystifying Digital Signage
  • Best Practices for Enterprise-Wide Visual Communications
  • Driving Business Improvement With Digital Signage
  • The Future of Interactive Content
  • Creating Personalized, Trusted Consumer Experiences
  • Advanced Display Technologies: Past, Present, and Future
  • And much more!

View the Conference Recap Hosted by Google and Onix

Google and Onix understand that the conference content is extremely valuable to every marketer and corporate communicator currently using or considering electronic signs as part of their communications mix. That’s why Google’s Chris Lydle and Onix’s Steve Holly and John Lawler — both Digital Signage Certified Experts — recapped the DSE 2015 in a FREE Google Hangout. Watch the video now to uncover fresh ideas that can help you capture the tremendous benefits of digital signage.

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Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Since 2008, Steve has been on the forefront of the transition to cloud-based services. He has helped companies like Whirlpool, Lexmark, Fujifilm America, Celestica, The New York Times, and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation make the transition to Google’s cloud-based services. Steve spent six years in the Navy, where he got his start in computers. During his service, he visited Japan, Thailand, Bali, Austrailia, Hong Kong, and more.