GCP Puppet Integration Offers Easier Cloud Adoption

Posted by Cloud Computing Alerts, - Nov 3, 2017

Google Cloud Platform integrates with Puppet, giving  enterprise teams a faster way to deploy applications in the cloud. The partnership allows users reduce IT costs and enjoy GCP cloud computing technology like data analytics capabilities.

Google already uses Puppet, which automates software delivery and operations, to automate some of its work. Now Google Cloud will use Puppet Approved modules (meaning they have passed specific usability and quality requirements) as the infrastructure-as-code system. This allows customers use the same tools for cloud configuration management as they’re already using to manage state in their on-premises applications. 

Enterprise teams can enjoy decreased operational incidents while avoiding the mistakes so common when manually deploying environments in the cloud. They’ll also have more agility managing everything from their on-premises physical infrastructure to cloud environments.

How the Partnership Works

Puppet is known for letting users define infrastructure as code one time and then applying those configurations across both cloud and on-premise environments. Migrating to the cloud is accelerated, while hybrid environments get a boost in operational efficiency. As a further benefit, Google has created new tools that will automatically deploy updated Puppet modules even as users’ cloud services change.

Another advantage is that Google Cloud is releasing the module technology. This code generation tool can offer faster development and broader coverage to module developers, helping the Puppet module ecosystem evolve more quickly to match the swift evolution of cloud APIs.

“With automated provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of Cloud services, it’s another way Onix can help organizations looking to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption to leverage the power of their on-premises environment in the cloud, while using familiar tools,” explained Dustin Keib, Cloud Architect at Onix, a longtime Google Cloud Infrastructure Partner.

The Module Releases

Google Cloud has already released a set of Puppet Approved modules for managing infrastructure-as-a-service components and Kubernetes. They include Google Compute Engine (GCE), Cloud DNS, Cloud SQL, Google Container Engine (GKE), Cloud Storage and Google Authentication credentials.

The next set of modules will focus on data processing, including Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner and Stackdriver, with additional modules to be released over the next several months.

"At PuppetConf 2017, Google Cloud released more modules to automate infrastructure and maintain stateful configuration in Cloud environments," Keib added. "These modules allow us to provision Google Cloud resources using state of the art development techniques, driving sanity in the software deployment cycle.”

Users can take advantage of the partnership immediately and enjoy more speed and flexibility when managing their cloud assets and developing their cloud computing roadmap when they are moving to the cloud.

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