Furthering Education Technology by Embracing Cloud Solutions

Posted by Peter Luci, Account Manager, - Aug 29, 2017

The Office of Educational Technology believes that technologies available today provide “an opportunity to create a system of higher education that provides excellent education and ensures even greater equity for our students tomorrow.”

The Higher Education National Education Technology Plan goes on to report that “Higher education has never mattered so much and to so many as a means of social mobility, an engine of economic growth, and a defender of democracy. In order for higher education to fulfill its promise as a great equalizer, we need continued innovation that can move us toward increased access, affordability and equity.”

One innovative solution being embraced by universities across the US is Dropbox Education. As a cloud leader in storage and collaboration solutions, Dropbox boosts efficiency to help teams reach new levels of productivity. Dropbox Education is designed to give educational teams enhanced power and collaboration through tools tailor-made for academia. Features and benefits include:

  • Offers a convenient administrator dashboard to monitor activity
  • Reduces version control issues through synchronization across all devices
  • Fosters collaboration using file sharing among dispersed coworkers and teams
  • Empowers leaders with effective access and security controls
  • Provides the ability to recover deleted files and restore previous versions.

Here are a few ways Dropbox Education can help students, faculty, researchers and administrators be successful:

Shared Storage Limits

Teams are given 15 GB of storage per user, but the shared total is available to the entire team, offering extra storage to the leaders and users who need it most. Additional EDU offerings can increase storage as well.

Compliance Support

Educational leaders must adhere to a variety of complex compliance regulations, which can be a headache. Dropbox Education can help institutions comply with a variety of standards such as The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and others.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Dropbox’s ability to synchronize across devices means faculty, researchers, students and staff can edit and review papers, share research and data sets and even collaborate with people who don’t have a Dropbox account. It also works with many popular higher education tools, including Blackboard and Canvas.

Precise Version Recovery

Because busy academic life can mean many document changes and updated drafts, teams often need to access former versions or lost files. Dropbox Education makes it easy to locate content within a year of an edit or deletion.

Clearer Visibility, Insights and Stronger Control

Sophisticated access protections help leaders control who can share, view or alter important documents, while the intuitive administrative console helps them track activity and manage workloads more strategically.

Advanced Security

Cloud technologies must protect data; Onix has partnered with Dropbox to offer advanced levels of security. Leaders and administrators can customize their own security policies with data protection and identity management solutions. From critical papers to sensitive research data to administrative records, information stays protected.

While Dropbox Education offers solutions tailored for academic teams, the Onix-Dropbox partnership can open the door to enhanced collaboration and cloud savings for organizations of every kind. Teams interested in expanding their cloud tools can use trusted Dropbox products to simplify their processes and share information safely across devices — empowering them to achieve higher success with greater efficiency.

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Peter Luci, Account Manager

Peter Luci, Account Manager

Pete is an Account Manager on the Sales team at Onix. He works to help customers improve collaboration internally and externally. In his role, Pete calls upon 13+ years of experience in Sales and Account Management in various industries to deliver the most effective solution for the customer.