From On-Prem to a Cloud-First Workplace: Is it Time for a Shift?

A cloud-first workplace is fast becoming the rule, not the exception. In part, it’s thanks to cost increases for on-premise solutions and related licensing. What does this mean for organizations that haven’t yet started a cloud computing journey? Reflection, possible change — and new cloud solutions to consider.

In fact, there’s no better time to review your current IT environment and assess what’s working and what isn’t. It’s also a great time to decide if where you are now is where you still want to be in the future. Maybe the answer is a work world that's cloud first.

What Benefits Does the Cloud Offer Over On-Premise Computing?

The cloud is a vast place, offering notable benefits over on-premise infrastructure and applications. It delivers solutions that help you elevate your organization to the next level of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and success. And with some solutions, you benefit from reduced licensing costs rather than increases.

We work in an era where tight budgets can strain productivity. That’s why improving cross-team collaboration and consolidating licensing costs to avoid costly invoices isn’t an option; it’s a must. When it comes to IT success, efficient workflows, reliable infrastructure and a solid budget go hand in hand. That's where a cloud-first strategy can come into play.

Rising costs aren’t the only challenges today’s organizations face in their IT departments. What about the pain points that frequently accompany an on-premise solution? Software and hardware incompatibility. Failed email syncing. Auto-deletion of personal files. Sound familiar?

Cloud computing technology is at the heart of the connected workplace, so you avoid these and other common paint points. It accelerates the pace of innovation — and elevates agile businesses to the next level through digital transformation.

When you embrace cloud adoption and change the way you work, you’re giving your workforce vital tools that allow them to work productively and collaboratively in real-time from any internet-connected device, no matter the time of day — or where they are in the world. Productivity solutions like Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) help you achieve this in a world where you can't live a day without the cloud.

Maybe it’s time to make a fresh start with a new solution. Are you ready to start exploring your cloud computing options?


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