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Slideshow! Find Insights in Your Data with 5 Mapping Tools

Posted by Michael Sliwka, Technical Account Manager on Feb 22, 2016

Mapping Data to get Business Insights

If you're using SAP BusinessObjects or other ERP system, then you have a lot of data that can help you make informed decisions. Find out how to empower anyone in your organization to easily map that information and surface unique insights.

Applying tools such as heat maps, geo scorecards, mashups and spatial analysis allows you to quickly interpret your data on a map rather than pouring over a spreadsheet or table. Since 80 percent of all business data has a geographic attribute, why not map it to clearly see your biggest problems and opportunities?

This slideshow highlights how to solve universal business challenges such as overlooked opportunities, analyzing performance across territories, determining where customers or vendors are concentrated and more. Watch the slideshow to see how these problems can be solved by putting them on a map!

Topics: Maps & Location Based Services


Revolutionize Your SAP BusinessObjects Insights by Easily Creating Maps.

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Michael Sliwka, Technical Account Manager

Michael Sliwka, Technical Account Manager

Michael is a Technical Account Manager at Onix. His primary focus is assisting customers implement and optimize the Google Maps APIs. Michael has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors in North America and abroad, where he has assisted organizations in the utilization of geolocation technology.