Equifax Chooses Collaboration Gold Standard with Google Workspace

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Apr 20, 2021


In this era of growing collaboration and workplace mobility, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax wanted to improve its internal collaboration and build a flexible, mobile work environment. Its legacy system didn’t support the kind of secure, widespread collaboration Equifax workers demanded.

The Atlanta-based company wanted to energize its workers with a modern work environment bolstered by the gold standard in cloud security. It was time for a fresh, new Equifax.

Equifax logo“It was time for a cloud-first, cloud-native approach,” says Bryson Koehler, Chief Technology Officer at Equifax. “We were ready to decommission our legacy systems and move to modern workplace collaboration to echo our company culture and our focus on security.”

That’s where Onix, Google Cloud and Google Workspace entered the story. This transformation was larger than merely switching from Outlook to Gmail. Equifax wanted secure file storage, real-time collaboration, video chat and more compared with what Microsoft Office provided.

Ultimately, Google Workspace better supported the desire Equifax had for a more mobile, data-driven culture in which secure, shared, collective knowledge was essential.

Ensuring Secure Collaboration in the Cloud

Google Workspace protects valuable company data with enterprise-grade security and compliance features to support its flexible storage options in Google Drive, coupled with advanced meeting technology through Google Meet.

collaboarting over lunch

In a Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace study by Forrester, study by Forrester, more than 95% of respondents indicated that using this platform reduced their risk of data breaches. This is thanks to Google’s zero-trust approach to security, which considers both internal and external networks to be inherently untrusted. Security features are built around this concept, something that appealed to Equifax leadership and spurred this initiative to gain a better, more secure way to work.

Onix led this migration from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace for more than 20,000 users across the global Equifax universe.

Equifax needed a partner they could rely on to see the big picture, and to address any challenges that arose. Throughout the process, Onix helped Equifax resolve outlying issues with hardware, infrastructure, security and networking. With such complex technical dependencies, when scheduled go-lives had to change at the last minute, Onix was there to assist the Equifax team and keep employees informed.

Change Management Powers Digital Transformation

The switch from Microsoft to Google Cloud was a big one, so the agency’s leadership wanted to excite workers about this transformation. The Onix Cloud Services team helped them build a customized change management program to make this happen.

They rolled out a powerful, fun internal marketing and education campaign focused on ushering out the old Equifax — and launching the new one.

“We wanted to create a sense of urgency and positively disrupt the business while performing a seamless implementation,” says Rodney Dore, Onix’s Head of Cloud Delivery. “Knowing that Equifax wanted this to be an impactful change to the way their employees work, we focused on improving remote access and delivering continuity to end users looking to be able to work anywhere, anytime on any device.”

work from anywhereThis employee journey began with addressing the “why” through team conversations and feedback, trust-building, activities to engage leaders — and encouraging workers to open personal Google accounts to try the tools out for themselves.

At this point, Onix and Equifax also determined whom in the company would serve as “Google Guides” in a peers-helping-peers model. These early adopters would serve as the ears and eyes on the ground, reporting back to their leaders and the Google Champions, the internal “power promoters."

In the excitement phase, guides are invited to show colleagues the power of Google Workspace and its tools, sharing the benefits of using this platform for a better work environment and production. The Adoption stage of the journey occurs when all workers are using the tools and can participate in the ongoing transformation.

Onix helped Equifax build a change management strategy that followed this journey and included both fun and practical elements. This included sharing transformation-focused memes across the company, a splashy Go Live with a marching band, the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders at Equifax Headquarters — and company-wide training. Courses included deep dives into the various features of Google Workspaces, including:

acomplishing goals
  • An introduction to Google Drive and team drives
  • Gmail tips and tricks
  • How to use Google Calendar
  • Apps security
  • Using Google Meet.

Equifax was striving to revolutionize the way their company works, and that doesn’t always happen easily. But Equifax took “Going Google” and the improved collaboration and security it provided seriously. Dealing with the unexpected was a big part of this project; Onix was able to help Equifax navigate through issues as they arose. The migration to this new platform — and the change management initiative to introduce it to Equifax employees — were both huge successes. As a result, collaboration is both easier and faster for the company’s employees.

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Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Carly joined the Onix marketing team in 2013. She is the Marketing Director with a growing team of talented marketers focused on cloud solutions.

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