How Onix and Google are Simplifying Enterprise Search

Posted by Bryan McKay, Practice Lead - Enterprise Search in the Cloud PS Practice

Sep 23, 2022


"Just Google It."

Whether you’re familiar with enterprise search or curious about what it is and what it can do for your organization, this blog is for you. That’s because we’re not only going to define it—we’re also going to share an exciting enterprise search tool from Google, and also tell you how we at Onix can help you make the most of it.

What is Enterprise Search?

Simply put, enterprise search (also called intelligent search) refers to the software used to search for knowledge and information within an organization. It’s especially helpful to employees when it comes to indexing, searching and displaying specific content authorized to specific users across the enterprise.

Ideally, enterprise search should help employees easily find what they need, when they need it. But all too often, organizations struggle to provide the tools employees need to streamline the process.

Did you know that 20% of an employee’s time is spent searching for information,
and up to 38% of those searches are unsuccessful

What’s more is that most organizations use as many as 4-6 different enterprise search systems on a regular basis. So when employees are hunting for knowledge and information, they need to search each system separately. With so many processes involved, the experience is often confusing, cumbersome and challenging.

The Benefits of Enterprise Search

A powerful, trustworthy enterprise search that provides a single search solution can cut down on these struggles and do wonders across an organization. In fact, one Onix client has over 500 engineers around the world and has found that cutting just 15 minutes per employee per week in enterprise search can significantly cut costs and boost productivity.

If you’re wondering about how you can take your enterprise search to the next level, the answer is right in front of you. If you were to search “enterprise search tool,” you’d likely go to the same place hundreds of millions of people across the world go: But did you know that Google also offers one of the most powerful enterprise search tools in the world? 

Google Cloud Search: The Smart Search Engine

The tool is called Google Cloud Search, and it helps employees get the privileged information they need, right when they need it. As part of Google Workspace, it seamlessly searches for answers to your queries across everything from Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more.

Google Cloud Search applies the power of Google internet search to the enterprise environment. Using Machine Learning, Google Cloud Search is able to understand each user’s intent and supply a broad range of relevant documents. Then, in true Google fashion, it’s able to rank those results in a way that consistently presents the best ones first.

Google Cloud Search Features

One of the highlights of Google Cloud Search is its staggeringly fast APIs. It’s able to index content and be ready to search that content almost instantly. Moreover, it has the scale and capacity to index not just some of what an enterprise has, but all of it. In a world where the word “limitless” is thrown around, Google Cloud Search truly is limitless.

  • Allows your business to search across all its data sources. 
  • Gives enterprises the ability to index content from third-party systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Confluence.
  • Enables streamlining searches across enterprise systems by building easy connectors and even creating the Google Search experience within them.

Best of all, there’s nothing to install, no managing infrastructure and no tuning of the enterprise search machine. Many organizations rely on a search or enterprise search team, but more often than not they’re too busy maintaining the search machine to work on new projects and ideas. With Google Cloud Search, you can move that team’s focus to solving business problems instead of managing and maintaining infrastructure. It is truly “Powered by Google.”|


Google Cloud Search Implementation

If you’re already using the Google Cloud Platform, implementing Google Cloud Search is seamless. It’s also a part of Google Workspace, and with over 100 connectors available, it can be extended to work with a wide range of third-party enterprise applications.

Most importantly, Google Cloud Search provides best-in-class enterprise-grade security and privacy. It reflects the security models of your organization and keeps up with near-instant updates to group access. Users only see the data they’re authorized to access, no matter where in the enterprise the data may be.

At Onix, we put Google Cloud Search into action by baking a mutual evaluation process into our own unique, proven, factory-based Onix Analytics Modernization (OAM) method.

  1. Assess

    We start by hosting workshops and engaging in conversations with business leaders and employees. This helps us identify value areas, target specific source systems and locate priority use cases that will impact your enterprise search optimization journey.

    Using what we learn, we not only develop a plan of action—we also make sure it works by performing technical and business validations. We confirm our results by formulating, identifying and testing prototypes and providing customer references as needed.

  2. Mobilize and Enable

    Some enterprises can have a large number of use cases and may also want to add specific features or functions to their enterprise search. To help make this happen, we help develop a bespoke roadmap to success, run a pilot test on a select use case and then deploy the full plan of action step by step.

  3. Accelerate

    Once our plan of action has been deployed, we use connectors to rapidly ingest content directly from source systems to specific use cases, optimizing enterprise search quickly and efficiently.

Case in Point 

Let’s talk about our partnership with appliance giant Whirlpool. With 21 complex systems and 12 million artifacts, their engineers couldn’t find the right information at the right time. We know that being able to quickly find and reuse knowledge leads to delivering higher quality output and less wasted effort, so we implemented SearchPro—a Google-powered search solution designed for engineers and product development.

“From an employee experience and productivity perspective, putting this on top of all our information is insanely powerful.” Andrew Lewis, Whirlpool

Another client’s service engineers were struggling to find the information they needed to solve their customers’ problems out in the field, thanks to 2.5 million artifacts across several data sources. By enabling Google For Service (GFS), we were able to help over 5,000 engineers search through millions of records in seconds. This reduced Time to Search by a staggering 27% and Time to Solve customer problems in the field by 15%.

It’s easy to see the power of Google Cloud Search, especially when it’s implemented by someone who can guide you step by step through the process. If you’d like to chat with us at Onix about making the most of the capabilities of this powerful enterprise search tool, you can schedule a consultation at our website.

It’s time to streamline your enterprise search. Reach out to Onix today.

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Bryan McKay, Practice Lead - Enterprise Search in the Cloud PS Practice

Bryan leads Onix’s Enterprise Search practice, helping customers find what they are looking for faster. He implements enterprise search technology to help customers grow their business, leverage information in systems and silos across the organization, tap into the network of expertise in the organization to improve collaboration and innovation, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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