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Enhancing Video Accessibility and SEO with Captioning

Posted by Onix Accessibility Pulse on Jun 20, 2016

Video Accessibility NewsBy 2020, digital video will likely surpass television in popularity, predicted YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl earlier this year. While online video viewership grows, access for people with disabilities lags behind even television.

Google, owner of YouTube, has video accessibility on its radar, enabling an easy platform that empowers users to upload captions in various formats and display them on YouTube players, according to 3Play Media.

Video Accessibility is Truly a Win-Win For All

Not only can people with disabilities consume more video content, but users who upload the videos also benefit from captioning. Captioning can help improve Google search rankings for a video.

The captioning text is indexed, helping more potential viewers find the video. Captioning also increases viewer engagement, including more video views and upticks in total time watched.

“One Google partner reported a four percent increase in traffic and watch time on YouTube,” said Brad Ellis, a YouTube product manager at Google. Ellis also suggested that making videos accessible in more languages could lead to further traffic increases.

Google is working on additional enhancements:

  • Making captions more accessible on mobile devices, overcoming the main challenge of positioning captions so they don’t obstruct the video on small screens. 
  • Providing caption compatibility across different operating systems, applications and mobile web browsers.

Onix’s Commitment to Video Accessibility and Beyond

  • The company is currently working to make its website videos accessible to all through video captioning.
  • Onix helps organizations create accessible web content. Its product Equidox converts PDF to HTML that conforms to the WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

  • Over time the company will also make its main website more accessible by implementing relevant portions of WCAG 2.0 AA.
  • Onix’s accessible website for the Equidox product can be found here.

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