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Posted by Solange Jacob, Cloud Services Manager, - Jan 7, 2015

Google has recently rebranded its corporate division as Google for Work, communicating to companies worldwide that they are adjusting the Corporate Google offering to be tailored more to solutions that meet the needs of organizations today.

And, you may ask, what do more companies need? Companies increasingly want tools that allow their employees to safely and securely collaborate, innovate, communicate and grow efficiently, especially given the challenges that face many global and regional organizations in today’s business climate.

Companies that invest in the Google for Work toolset are by default working to enhance employee satisfaction by allowing end users to empower themselves and their co-workers by:

  • Increasing the speed at which they communicate globally
  • Raising the speed in which ideas can be prototyped into actual products
  • Fostering greater communication to stores, subdivisions and partner companies from headquarters locations
  • Enabling real time collaboration when employees work on projects, sharing materials with colleagues in multiple locations
  • Using Google Hangouts to help reduce travel time — and time spent away from families due to work commitments such as meetings

But the reality is that a toolset is only as good as the adoption it receives. If Google is providing a toolset that can improve a company's business, however no one uses the tool to experience its benefits, then essentially the company has managed only to prolong the transformative results they expected as a result of implementing Google for Work.

What Can be Done?

It’s important to provide end users with a space where they can meet to discuss how they can use the toolset in real use cases at their companies as they perform their actual job functions. This space gives them the opportunity to review the toolset, learn its capabilities and apply it to how they work and what is most important to them. This fosters what is termed as “10x thinking”, which allows users to feel inspired by the changes that can occur for the organization while also empowering them to realize they can make these changes.

How Onix Can Help

To support the implementation of “10x thinking” throughout an organization, Onix offers a series of workshops entitled Drive for Work Labs which allows Onix transformation specialists to create real use cases and actual prototypes for a company by guiding employees through a series of structured exercises and creating actual prototypes.

One workshop can produce as many as 150 use cases that can then be prioritized and applied by a dedicated team, allowing end users to help transform their processes by using the entire Google for Work toolset more efficiently. Each workshop is tailored for your organization, and can usually be set for 3-5 hours at a time.

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Solange Jacob, Cloud Services Manager

Solange Jacob, Cloud Services Manager

Solange is a PMP-certified Project Manager who has worked in the public sector, not-for-profit organizations and the corporate sector including IT, healthcare, social services, retail and now in cloud computing. She is a an energetic and intuitive leader with demonstrated ability to tackle diverse challenges and deliver strong operational/project results independently — or within a team. She currently specializes in communications, training, project management and transformational workstreams at client organizations.