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Improve Collaboration by Increasing Google Apps Usage

Posted by Giani Mihalek, Strategic Marketer on Nov 4, 2015

Increase Employee CollaborationExecutives want tools that help employees get more done. That’s why more than 5 million organizations have chosen to leverage Google Apps to store and share data in the cloud and, ultimately, boost collaboration, productivity and innovation.

For those organizations who have gone Google, many of their early adopters have likely started to experience the power of Gmail, Drive, Hangouts and other Google Apps features. However to maximize the investment of Google Apps, the next hurdle is to inspire mainstream users to use the new platform.

The truth is that the effectiveness of change management activities can be hard to measure. It is difficult to diagnose the health of a company’s usage since metrics such as the identification of power users and the number of unused licenses are not measured in the Google Apps report dashboard.

With current measurement tools in the marketplace, it is also difficult to assess the amount of training required to acclimate an organization's workforce to Google Apps and who in that organization needs to be trained. Inaccurately assessing training needs jeopardizes the effectiveness of an organization's migration to the cloud and Google Apps adoption.

gOptix by Onix™ provides a streamlined approach to monitoring an organization’s Google Apps usage. From Drive and account usage to Google+ and Google Sites statistics, gOptix presents data in a user-friendly and highly customizable interface for business leaders and Google Apps Administrators. The tool also provides data that will help organization's assess their training requirements and so much more. 

The simple setup for Google Apps Administrators and the ability to grant access to any or all business users represent two great features of this product. Users may view reports and create customized dashboards that can be modified over time to display the data most critical to their department, program or operation.

Key features include:

  • The creation of graphs and/or spreadsheets that provide insights into an individual user's usage of Google Apps, Gmail, Hangouts and file storage quota usage
  • Security monitoring for files shared internally and externally, plus compliance with 2-step authentication
  • Usage reports to facilitate viewing and analysis of current and past trends that illustrate collaboration growth, pockets of resistance and where training is needed
  • License summary, indicating the accounts that have been inactive or suspended
  • The capability to view information by subdomain or suborganization
  • Drill down capabilities in graphs to view more detail including identifying individuals who model desirable or unwanted behavior
  • Data is not limited to Google Administrators. Business users can be granted permission.

To find out more about the features and benefits, visit the gOptix product page now.

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How to Accelerate Your Organization's Google Apps Adoption With gOptix. 

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Giani Mihalek, Strategic Marketer

Giani Mihalek, Strategic Marketer

Giani is a Strategic Marketer at Onix. With the ultimate goal of delivering sales and building brand equity, she manages content marketing initiatives that drive traffic, engagement and leads. She joined the Onix team in 2013, bringing her brand publisher mindset, social media expertise and experience in digital marketing and account management.