Cloud Solution Gives Top Lab High Data Availability

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager, - Feb 13, 2018

A research laboratory lacked a disaster recovery plan and high data availability in the event of a network outage. Because of the nature of its work, the lab required a reliable cloud solution now, not in the middle of a data emergency.

Decision makers at this prominent lab reached out to Onix to find a long-term, cloud solution that would keep data intact and accessible, even during an outage. High data accessibility is a major factor in a successful cloud adoption. It's simple strategy for cloud backup and disaster recovery.

After assessing the lab’s needs, we determined that it should migrate to Google Cloud Platform , as this solution would deliver the results needed to keep lab data available during unplanned downtime.

We deployed the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine to host high-performance, custom virtual machine (VM) instances in isolated zones. These VMs run in Google’s innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network, ensuring excellent reliability and redundancy for all data.

To further assist with the problems occurring with unplanned data center interruptions, we coupled this important tool with Google Cloud Load Balancing. Load balancing allowed us to further protect the laboratory against surprise data center outages offering scalability of resources.

Scalability played a determining role in this cloud solution, as it would allow the lab to automatically scale up to handle the most demanding workloads and scale down when traffic subsides.

No solution is complete without a way to gauge metrics and reliability. We rounded out the solution with Google Stackdriver for powerful monitoring, logging and diagnostics and to allow lab IT personnel to find and fix problems faster.

Once deployed, these products have worked together seamlessly to deliver the best results for the lab’s challenges with unscheduled downtime, providing data accessibility.

Thanks to cloud-based disaster recovery and high data availability through scalable load balancing, data remains intact and accessible during an unplanned outage.

And with around-the-clock monitoring, data center professionals now can identify and fix issues quickly, mitigating costly interruptions to keep research efforts and reporting on target and on time.


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