Cloud Cost Management: Reconciling Actual to Budget in GCP

Posted by Ken Pascoe, Product Dev Technical Lead

Jun 23, 2020


In today’s pay-as-you-go cloud computing environment, it never hurts to be cost-conscious and keep a close eye on your Google Cloud Platform spend. Sure, you’ve set a budget, but does your actual spend stay in line with those parameters?

In fact, do you even have time to keep a close, constant eye on it to make sure it does? Or are you finding yourself facing costly surprises at the end of each cloud billing cycle? 

Cloud cost management is time-consuming but necessary. Fortunately, there are automated tools out there that track spend against your budget and alert you when things are veering off track. At Onix, we offer customers the opportunity to use our own OnSpend by Onix to keep tabs on their Google Cloud Platform spend.

How Does OnSpend Support Cloud Cost Management?

Integrating directly into your Google Cloud account, OnSpend takes the guesswork out of cloud cost management for your billing accounts and projects. 

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Ken Pascoe, Product Dev Technical Lead

Ken is responsible for building and developing the company's OnSpend cloud billing and budget management solution. He has nearly 10 years of full-stack software development experience and enjoys learning and applying new technologies.

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