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Cloud Computing Takeaways and Tips from Google Next ‘17

Posted by Kevin Verde, Data Practice Manager on Mar 20, 2017

Google NextBusiness leaders are well aware that cloud-based operating models are a must to prepare for new opportunities in the digital business era. Google hosted Google Next ‘17 in an effort to gather the foremost minds leading the cloud revolution.

Kevin Verde, Head of Strategic Services Development at Onix, weighs in on this subject in the video interview below.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Cloud-based operating models are positioning organizations for increased competitiveness
  • The biggest benefit of the cloud is not cost efficiency — it’s business transformation
  • The impact of Google’s announcements for G Suite and Google Cloud Platform at Google Next ‘17
  • How Onix can help you leverage the power of the cloud at your organization.

In the words of Kevin Verde, “You used to need a good reason to use the cloud, now you need a reason not to use the cloud.”


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Kevin Verde, Data Practice Manager

Kevin Verde, Data Practice Manager

Kevin leads Onix's Data and Analytics practice, helping organizations plan and implement solutions to store, organize, and access information in order to increase revenues, personalize customer experiences, and streamline operations. From enterprise reporting to Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI, he and his team can help you achieve your goals. Kevin boasts a dual US/EU citizenship and spent four years of his career living and working in Madrid. He also is an and early organizer for House of Genius ( a non-profit think tank that supports entrepreneurship around the world.