Cloud Adoption 101: Cloud Computing Tips from Google Cloud Next '17

Business leaders are well aware that cloud-based operating models are a must to prepare for new opportunities in the digital business era. At Google Cloud Next ‘17, the foremost minds leading the cloud revolution gathered to discuss cloud trends and how cloud solutions drive digital transformation. We celebrated change and the future of computing environments while sharing cloud computing tips.

I recently had the chance to talk about how the cloud is driving change and transformation in businesses across all sectors, something that was evident at Google Cloud Next. Here's what I learned at the show...

  • Cloud-based operating models are positioning organizations for increased competitiveness
  • The biggest benefit of the cloud is not cost efficiency — it’s business transformation
  • The impact of Google’s announcements for G Suite and Google Cloud Platform at Google Next ‘17

You used to need a good reason to use the cloud, now you need a reason not to use the cloud. That's basic cloud adoption 101. From exploring cloud myths to learning how cloud digital transformations shape the way you work, the cloud computing solutions transform so many things.

Ready to take the next step in making that happen? We're here to answer your questions and help you move forward along your path to business transformation.


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Kevin Verde, Professional Services Partner Manager

Kevin Verde, Professional Services Partner Manager

As a Professional Services Partner Manager, Kevin works closely with Onix partner contacts in the South Central region of the United States. He boasts a dual US/EU citizenship and spent four years of his career living and working in Madrid. He also is an and early organizer for House of Genius ( a non-profit think tank that supports entrepreneurship around the world.