How Can I Encourage Workplace Transformation in the Cloud?

Posted by John Lawler, Director of Cloud Professional Services

Oct 03, 2019


Are your on-premise servers slowing you down? Are you looking to transform but are hesitant to leave the tried and true behind for something new? Maybe it’s time to think about making the leap to the cloud for a better way to work.

How? Forget all of those cloud myths you've heard. It’s really pretty simple: Google Cloud. Our longtime partner offers a full-service platform that covers all of the necessary cloud-computing infrastructure you need to launch your own workplace transformation in the cloud.

You’ll also get the apps and devices to spur workplace collaboration and productivity among all employees, no matter where in the world they are located. It takes you beyond Cloud Adoption 101 and leads you on a complete cloud migration and transformation path.

What exactly is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud provides a complete range of cloud computing services, from infrastructure to collaboration tools to cloud solutions that help people find information and their way to specific places. Here's a look at what Google Cloud includes...

Google Cloud Platform

When you move your computing infrastructure to the cloud, you’ll eliminate many frustrating IT challenges. These include costly outages, a lack of redundancy and poor backup, compute and storage capacity constraints — and ballooning legacy hardware costs.

All of these can hinder growth and innovation across your organization and slow your competitiveness in the marketplace. When moving your infrastructure to the cloud with Google Cloud Platform, you get cloud infrastructure services designed to handle data-intensive work.

You’ll free yourself from managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks, and enjoy a secure, elastic future-proof cloud strategy that’s fast and reliable.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

If you have workers with offices outside your headquarters, whether in satellite locations or working from home, you need to have a way to keep everyone connected. Google Workspace, Google Cloud’s workplace cloud collaboration tools, fosters collaboration — and connects team members from anywhere in the world, allowing them to meet, collaborate and converse in real-time.

Google Workspace tools do this using Hangouts, Hangouts Meet Hardware and Gmail. Team members can collaborate simultaneously on files stored on Google Drive, using applications such as Docs, Sheets and Slides for a work experience that’s almost like being together in the same office.

Chrome Enterprise

There’s more to Google Chrome than the browser we all know and love. It’s also an efficient operating system, and a collection of workplace collaboration devices designed specifically to support the cloud.

Chrome Enterprise reduces IT overhead with central management operations, helping you realize as much as a 70% savings over three years compared with a Windows-based solution.

Google Maps Platform

Do you need customized, real-time maps and location-based services to send your users in the right direction? You’ve come to the right place

With Google Maps Platform, you can develop and deploy Maps, Routes and Places across a variety of industries, and leverage use cases by embedding them into your sites, applications and internal platforms, all with the billing control you need.

Cloud Search

GoogleCloud Search is the same web-based search engine you know and trust, but it takes enterprise search a step further.

Cloud Search integrates with Google Workspace apps to help workers quickly, efficiently and securely find information across your company’s enterprise in Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more. Your teams also can search third-party repositories, if needed.

All of this is driven by machine learning in a private, secure environment that delivers the speed, performance and reliability that only Google can provide.

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John Lawler, Director of Cloud Professional Services

John oversees all deployments of Google Workspace and Chrome and post-deployment services that help customers see the value in the entire Google platform. He has been helping organizations go Google since 2009.

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