Driving Cloud Digital Transformation for Better Collaboration

Posted by Kenny Shaw, Enterprise Account Manager

Aug 14, 2019


Last year, the City of Montreal officials decided to digitally transform the way employees work and collaborate. They wanted to eliminate “obsolete software that no longer meets technological standards” and streamline expanding IT budgets.

Montreal’s leadership also wanted to find a way to improve service delivery for citizens, and the way they interact with the city’s departments when seeking information. The idea of a modern, cloud-based workplace productivity platform that provides a way to work smarter, faster and better appealed to them.

A City Explores Workplace Cloud Productivity

Enter Google Workspace.

Google Cloud's suite of intelligent apps delivers a single platform for cloud-based business email, calendars, video conferencing, online storage and file sharing to transform the way organizations connect, collaborate and do business.

In Montreal’s city government, more than 25,000 workers are now equipped with these secure, agile productivity tools and are enjoying a better way to work and communicate with each other and city residents.

There’s more to the cloud than workplace productivity. Understanding this is basic cloud migration 101. It's also helpful to understand that there are many other benefits of moving to the cloud.

"The cloud is all about changing the way organizations of any size, from any sector, work in today's competitive marketplace," says Onix President and CEO Tim Needles. "Google Cloud's solutions and the longstanding partnership we share allow us to help our clients work better, faster and smarter in a secure environment."

The Right Cloud Infrastructure Makes a Difference

The City of Montreal knew it had IT challenges that required modernization. What about your organization? Are you facing increased server outages or lag time? Lack of redundancy? Sketchy backup and disaster recovery? Waning storage capacity? Ballooning hardware costs?

If you’ve said yes to even one of these issues, chances are it’s time to investigate what migrating to a secure cloud infrastructure can do for you and your organization. The time is right for a digital transformation.

Google Cloud Platform delivers cloud infrastructure services that will transform your organization’s computing environment by freeing you from managing and provisioning on-premise, legacy servers — and configuring networks.

Instead of doing that, you’ll enjoy a secure, elastic, self-healing cloud-computing environment that modernizes the way you work. A well-designed cloud strategy built around GCP can mitigate traditional operational issues and provide you with a robust digital transformation.

Mapping a Better Future

Whether you need a way for your customers to find you, your workers to find your customers or both, maps and location-based services are designed to do just that for you creating a better business experience for your organization.

Google Maps Platform offers three core products: Maps, Routes and Places. These solutions give users static- and dynamic maps that include Street View imagery and 360-degree views, the best ways to travel from Point A to Point B with real-time traffic updates and rich data for more than 100 million locations.

The products integrate with the Google Cloud Platform console and offer a single, pay-as-you-go pricing plan with free support. It’s one that scales with you, adjusting for usage spikes and business growth and supporting your business processes.

Based on the most common developer uses cases, this consolidation is intended to make it easier to “find, explore and add new features” to apps, with existing code continuing to work as it usually does.

Searching for (and Finding) the Data You Need

Thanks to Google Cloud and Google Cloud Search, enterprise search has reached a new level of efficiency and accuracy. Cloud Search streamlines how you and your teams work both inside the office and out, speeding information gathering and driving productivity. It also effortlessly integrates with Google Workspace, from Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more to give your organization a complete digital transformation.

It's one that will change the way you work, helping you find what you need, when you need it across all of your repositories, as well as in third-party sources.

Engaging Employees with a Social Intranet

Forget the static, clunky and boring company intranets of the past. They’re old news.

Today’s intranets do more than provide a few links to key HR documents. They allow organizations to build their own internal social networks that drive communication engagement across the employee network, whether at HQ or in a remote location.

That’s exactly what the LumApps social collaborative intranet does. Built securely on Google Cloud Platform, it integrates Google Workspace for better collaboration, communication and employee engagement from a single information source. It gives you and your workers a way to connect online with each other through message boards, department portals and more.

LumApps also integrates seamlessly with Cloud Search. Why is this important? The intranet houses much valuable information that your employees need to find. By connecting LumApps with Cloud Search, you’ll give them a powerful way to get that information quickly and get back to their regular work.


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Kenny Shaw, Enterprise Account Manager

Kenny helps clients launch their digital transformation journeys to a smarter, faster and better way to work in the cloud.

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