9 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Intranet

Posted by Aysa Stamenova, Global Content Writer, LumApps

Nov 11, 2021


As more organizations transition and adapt to remote work, it’s essential to offer employees an efficient internal communication system. One way to provide this is through a cloud-based intranet solution, which is a cost-effective way to promote collaboration, increase employee retention, and more. 

Let’s explore more about what a cloud-based intranet is and how it can benefit your organization: 

What is a Cloud-Based Intranet?

A cloud-based intranet is an alternative to an on-premise intranet that offers seamless connectivity for all employees within the organization, no matter where they’re located. This is a common choice for organizations of all sizes to improve collaboration and increase business efficiency overall. 

The Evolution of a Cloud-Based Digital Workforce

Remote work is transforming the way companies operate. To fully adjust and assist their employees, companies need user-friendly digital workplace solutions that offer seamless connectivity.

Many companies are looking to cloud-based intranet solutions to carry their business forward. According to the business data platform Statista, end-users are expected to spend $396 billion in public cloud solutions. Statista also notes that “the worldwide public cloud computing market continues to grow and is expected to reach an estimated 482 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.” In 2017, worldwide cloud computing spending was at just $145 billion, making the successful future of the cloud clear to see. 

The Benefits of Investing in a Cloud-Based Intranet

1. It’s More Cost-Effective

On-premise intranets feature equipment, staffing, and other expensive up-front costs, while cloud-based intranets only cost your organization a one-time set-up fee and an agreed monthly charge. 

With a cloud-based system, your organization won’t have to worry about unexpected bills due to high employee usage or the need for a large IT team. Often marketing and admin staff can be responsible for the day-to-day running of the intranet. This makes a cloud-based intranet a cost-effective choice for your organization. 

2. It’s Configurable to Your Organization 

With a cloud-based intranet, an organization can create a smooth, dynamic employee experience that encourages them to engage, collaborate and communicate.

It’s easy to integrate your company’s cloud-based intranet with popular apps that employees use on a daily basis. For example, you can select an intranet that’s enhanced with messaging, project management, and news apps that your employees are already familiar with. 

Your intranet can also scale alongside your business. By adding apps and tools as needed, you can enhance your employees’ experience. 

9 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Intranet

3. 24/7 Access

Your employees can access a cloud-based intranet anywhere, at any time, from any device. Twenty-four-seven access means employees can connect from whatever time zone they’re in, so they don’t have to spend time waiting for colleagues to provide them with information — they already have access to it. This also benefits flexible workers who may want to connect after-hours. Even if the office is closed, your business can continue to operate as necessary, resulting in increased productivity.

4. Improved Security

In the past, IT teams had to set up firewalls to prevent security breaches, which is difficult for remote working and can slow down productivity. A cloud-based intranet eliminates this issue, as many reputable cloud-based intranet companies utilize the highest security standards. This benefits your organization as well, since you won’t need to engage expensive security experts if your intranet provider already handles particularly sensitive information.

5. A Simple Integration Process

With a cloud-based intranet, there’s no need to buy and set up servers, write code, or build anything from scratch. You simply have to decide which solution is best for your organization to get started. If you know what you want your cloud-based intranet to include, it can be up and running within a week. You then can add apps to it as you wish.

6. Efficient Technology

People expect technology to work perfectly. For example, a website with a three-second loading delay can cause visitors to lose interest and click away. The same applies to the company intranet — employees will only utilize it if it’s efficient. 

A cloud-based intranet relies on powerful servers and, in the unlikely event they do go down, there’s always a backup to keep things running smoothly. Most standard companies can’t afford to have backup servers, making a cloud-based intranet a cost-effective solution.9 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Intranet

7. It’s an All-in-One Platform

With everything in one place, your employees can achieve their goals faster. If they can share files, send a quick chat, find out what the next company event is, and get project updates all in one place, they’re going to be happy with the simplicity of the system and their ability to be more productive. 

The cloud-based intranet works as a multifaceted platform for a number of business needs, including: 

  • Internal communication.
  • Collaboration.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Gaining knowledge.
  • On-demand access to data.

8. Automatically Update Your System

Upgrading computing platforms can be a demanding, time-consuming process, often taking place during the day and affecting users’ work. Cloud-based intranet software ensures all the latest upgrades take place automatically, so your organization’s IT department doesn’t have to worry about scheduling or interrupting the workday with updates. 

9. Instantly Share Information

It’s crucial for everyone to stay up-to-date with the latest company news, project updates, and any other relevant information, especially if your team is working remotely. A cloud-based intranet allows you to update everyone in your organization at the same time.

This rolling supply of information has a number of benefits, including:

  • Training. Know that everyone has the tools and support they need to do their job at the click of a button. 
  • Regulations. Ensure your staff is aware of updates, such as new laws or safety regulations, for your field. 
  • Emergencies. Keep everyone informed and safe with timely, accurate information. 

From cost-effectiveness to keeping employees connected, a cloud-based intranet is a worthwhile investment for your organization. 

Getting Started with a Cloud-Based Intranet

The key to building the best cloud-based intranet is to consider what your organization needs to create an effective digital workplace


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