Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery: Are You Ready to Modernize?

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Feb 27, 2019


Still relying on on-premise backup and disaster recovery services? It’s time to modernize. The cloud provides the ultimate access and protection to your valuable data when a disaster occurs.

Both small businesses and large enterprises rely on the ability to have secure and accessible data. It takes only minutes in a flood or fire to lose years of important information. Depending on the size of your business, even a short downtime can cost you millions of dollars. No one wants to face that kind of loss or hassle.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery automatically transfers your data offsite for storage and recovery, keeping it safe and accessible in offsite storage. No matter what kind of disaster strikes, natural or man-made, your organization can quickly restore data from moments before the event occurred.and have 24/7 access to it.

Here are six reasons why cloud backup and disaster recovery are something you should implement today.


Cloud Backup Reasons
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Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Carly joined the Onix marketing team in 2013. She is the Marketing Director with a growing team of talented marketers focused on cloud solutions.

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