Building a Future-Proof Digital Workplace

Posted by Andrew Kaye, Account Manager, CloudM, - Oct 26, 2020

Now more than ever, getting ready for the digital workplace is a vital task for many businesses across the world. Moving data to the cloud can cause concern about security, speed and business continuity for many organizations.

Once organizations address these fundamental concerns, they then need to focus on making sense of their new digital surroundings to ensure they get the most out of the cloud space organization-wide. Building a future-proof workplace is crucial and a major component of any cloud adoption 101 strategy.

Moving to a cloud-based digital workplace is a great opportunity for organizations to update their IT administration processes. Here are some of the things that you need to think about in order to make sure your organization and its employees make the most of its digital workplace and the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Keeping Agile

The cloud has a dirty little secret. Vendors don’t want you to leave them. They want to lock you into their solutions for as long as possible. Can you blame them? It's good business sense!

keeping agile

However, the person responsible for your company's digital workplace needs to think about how the organization would handle a sudden price increase or sudden change in the organization’s strategic direction.

They need to think about where all the data is stored, and how the organization would manage if they were moving to another provider.

Luckily, cloud-to-cloud migration is simple and available, it’s all in the planning.

Relying on Automation

Managing the process of staff moving in, out and around an organization can take up a lot of time and resources. Setting up the right access for new users isn’t always easy.

Working in the cloud changes that and streamlines the process. It provides an opportunity to automate previously lengthy IT admin processes. You can quickly set up workflows for permissions, policies and processes and free your staff to focus on the important things.

Remote functionality and automation will also allow organizations to seamlessly onboard and offboard their users no matter where they are working in the world.

Managing Ongoing License Costs

Keeping track of active licenses, reallocating them and staying on track with license churn takes time. It can also quickly become a mounting cost, which we have talked about previously.

Using workflows to automatically run an offboarding procedure on existing users’ accounts will avoid the build-up of old users taking up valuable licenses, driving down mounting costs and reducing administrative time.

As mentioned earlier, automation is one of the key benefits of the digital workplace. Using workflows to automatically run an offboarding procedure on existing users’ accounts will avoid the build-up of old users taking up valuable licenses, driving down mounting costs and reducing administrative time.

Supporting Your Digital Workplace

digital workspace, creative office spaceNo matter what size your business is, or how many of your IT staff may be using your chosen cloud management platform, it’s important to make sure you are using all of the solution’s features so that you get the most from the cloud to work towards business efficiency.

You should always consider what support is available when looking into a cloud management tool, especially when dealing with sensitive company data. Technology is forever developing, so there will always be new and more agile ways to do things.

Part of future-proofing your system is considering the support you will need as products develop and also making sure your staff gets regular training to deal with changes and updates as they occur. The last thing you need is a complicated tool that you can’t use, without dedicated support there to walk you through it. 

Be sure to do your research by asking questions and considering adoption scenarios you are likely to face in the future. These include:

  • What support will my team need on an ongoing basis?
  • Will this support suit my specific business needs?
  • Is this support ongoing, or will it be capped?
  • Are there different levels of support available for me to choose from?

Working with knowledgeable partners can alleviate support concerns and help you ensure smooth cloud adoption across your organization so you can focus on bigger business issues.

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