Explore The Big 3 Benefits of DevOps and Kubernetes

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Jun 10, 2019


It’s no secret that using DevOps with cloud projects accelerates development time, and lowers costs for development, testing, deployment and operations.

Budget Dumpster was already using the Google Maps API for searches on its website as well as internally for quoting purposes when it decided to maximize its in-house IT talent to better meet business needs. The benefits of DevOps and application modernization through Kubernetes was enticing.

So, with two passionate developers already on board, the national dumpster rental company decided to leverage the flexibility of Kubernetes to take its internal DevOps capabilities to the next level.

DevOps and Kubernetes Enhance Infrastructure

Budget Dumpster LLC enlisted Onix's services to create and deploy a secure, scalable website that could withstand customer traffic in the cloud and also reliably support internal sales team activities. The company's Director of Web Development Joe Swislocki shares how the benefits of DevOps led the Budget Dumpster development team into the world of Kubernetes, containerization and application modernization in recorded webinar.

During this 30-45-minute interactive webinar, you'll hear firsthand how Budget Dumpster’s migration to the Google Cloud Platform and use of Kubernetes helped the company to enjoy key business benefits, including:

  1. Reducing its software deployment from 15 minutes to just 1 minute
  2. Creating a website that is scalable, secure and easy to deploy
  3. Decreasing its overhead costs and administrative demands so that the IT team could focus on more important initiatives

Budget Dumpster changed the way it worked to through this digital transformation and the benefits of DevOps, bolstered by the power of Kubernetes and the support of Onix engineers. It was the right, robust application modernization strategy.

“It gives me peace of mind knowing that we've got experts helping the DevOps now,” Swislocki said. “I feel confident knowing that when we do a deployment for production, we're in good hands.”

Learn how your organization can enjoy similar business benefits while streamlining cloud computing infrastructure workflows for your development team and your operations team. Everyone benefits.

Access the recording here!


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Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Carly joined the Onix marketing team in 2013. She is the Marketing Director with a growing team of talented marketers focused on cloud solutions.

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