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The traditional office space is changing as cloud computing continues to transform the way organizations operate. The days of working 9-to-5, five days a week at HQ isn’t always the norm. Working at remote locations is on the rise.

So how does an organization function today in light of this cultural shift?

Have you considered cloud solutions? The cloud offers more than file storage. In fact, our partner, Google Cloud, delivers a full-service platform, from infrastructure and devices to workplace collaboration and more, all designed to help your organization reach the next level of productivity and collaboration.

Going Google transforms enterprises, as demonstrated at Google Cloud Next 2019, where attendees learned more about these solutions.  Here's a sampling of what they saw and how Google Cloud delivers a faster, smarter way to work. 

Meet and Greet: Getting to know the Cloud

Chrome Enterprise

Google Chrome delivers more than just a browsing experience. There are many workplace collaboration devices designed specifically to support the cloud and this efficient OS. This includes Chromebooks, Chromebox for Meetings, Jamboards — and even Google Pixel mobile phones.

With Chrome Enterprise’s central management operations, you can expect to see greater productivity and improved collaboration among employees. And it can help you realize as much as a 70% savings over three years compared with a Windows-based solution.

Google Maps Platform

Whether you work in a small company, a government agency or a large enterprise, Google Maps Platform provides customized, real-time maps and location-based services with an immersive experience that takes your business to new heights — and sends your users in the right direction with a smarter way to work

You can develop and deploy Maps, Routes and Places across a variety of industries, and leverage use cases by embedding them into your sites, applications and internal platforms with the billing control you need. It’s that simple.

Cloud Search

You have already met Google Search; now it's time to meet Cloud Search. It’s the same web-based search engine you know and trust, but it allows you to effortlessly search your company’s content to find exactly what you need. It’s the next logical step in enterprise search.

By integrating with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) apps, Cloud Search helps employees quickly, efficiently and securely find information across your company’s enterprise. Your employees will be able to find information from Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more.

Powered by machine learning, employees can search, receive and deliver information in an instant. Additionally, privacy and security models are customizable to meet your company’s specific needs. With Cloud Search, you get the speed, performance and reliability that only Google can provide.

Google Cloud Platform

Is your organization’s infrastructure causing problems? Are you dealing with costly outages, a lack of redundancy or backup, compute and storage capacity restraints — or ballooning legacy hardware costs?

Don’t let these common IT infrastructure challenges hinder your organization’s ability to grow and innovate. Google Cloud Platform delivers cloud infrastructure services designed to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet. And it gives you the flexibility to scale quickly, while still maintaining strict and secure admin control.

When you leave an on-premise environment for Google Cloud Platform, you’ll free yourself from managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. Instead, you’ll develop a secure, elastic future-proof cloud strategy that will modernize your existing infrastructure and applications by integrating the cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud.

Google Workspace

How does the organization stay unified and collaborate? With Google Workspace, Google Cloud’s workplace cloud collaboration tools. Google Cloud developed Google Workspace to initiate collaboration and connect team members from various locations so they can unite as one.

Teams connect with Hangouts Chat, Google Meet and Gmail. Team members can simultaneously collaborate on files stored on Google Drive, using applications such as Docs, Sheets and Slides.

With so many choices, it's not hard to go all in with Google to work faster and smarter across your entire organization. 


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