AWS 101: Using AWS Auto Scaling to Manage Infrastructure

Welcome back to another in-depth look at what makes Amazon Web Services work for you. In this latest blog, we’re going to take a look at using AWS Auto Scaling to ensure you get steady, reliable resource performance at the lowest possible cost.

As we have discussed in other installments of AWS 101, the Amazon cloud is powered by many different services that you can mix and match to get the most of your cloud experience.

This dive into the basics of using AWS Auto Scaling is the next stop on this journey.

What is AWS Auto Scaling?

Everyone is looking to maximize performance and reduce costs, particularly when it comes to a pay-as-you-go cloud computing environment that uses multiple resources across multiple services. That’s where using AWS Auto Scaling comes into play.

AWS auto scalingThis service easily and safely scales “collections of related resources that support your applications.” It takes only a few clicks and just a few minutes. AWS Auto Scaling automatically scans your environment to locate applications’ scalable cloud resources. It makes recommendations using popular scaling metrics and thresholds to provide minimum and maximum guidelines for your environment. 

This means you don’t have to manually identify each of them through individual service interfaces but still can fine-tune your Auto Scaling strategy over time.

By using AWS Auto Scaling, you get unified, consistent scaling across your full infrastructure stack, including such scalable resources as Amazon EC2 instances and EC2 spot fleets, Amazon ECS, Amazon Dynamo DB and Amazon Aurora.

How Does AWS Auto Scaling Work?

Using AWS Auto Scaling isn’t difficult at all. In fact, it does all of the heavy lifting for you in a simple workflow. Take a look:

How AWS Auto Scaling Works

What are the Benefits of AWS Auto Scaling?

Using AWS Auto Scaling delivers multiple benefits. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Quick Setup

Delivers a unified scaling experience by allowing you to target multiple resources through a single interface without the need to use different consoles.

Smart Scaling

Creates scaling policies and sets targets automatically to help you build scaling plans that automate the way different resource groups react to changes in demand, including costs, availability or both.

Automatic Performance Maintenance

Maintains performance and availability at your desired levels even when your workloads are constantly changing, increasing the capacity of strained resources when needed.

AWS Auto Scaling costs you nothing, and it gives you peace of mind @OnixNetworking

Optimized Costs

Keeps pay-as-you-go costs in check by automatically removing excess resource capacity when demand drops so you pay only for what you need.

Using AWS Auto Scaling costs you nothing, and it gives you peace of mind that your applications will always have the right resources when they need them, at the lowest possible cost. It’s just another feature you can use to maximize your AWS cloud experience.

We want to be sure you understand all that Amazon Web Services has to offer, so be sure to check out other blogs in our AWS 101 series.

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