Webinar! Avoid Device Downtime and Drive Productivity

Traditional loaner programs can be complex, costly, inflexible and present significant barriers to scale. At large organizations, managing pickups and returns can add up quickly —10% of IT’s time according to an internal study at Google.

Learn how to keep your employees working while avoiding costly device downtime by listening to this recorded webinar featuring Onix and Google. In it, we cover how to enjoy secure cloud computing by using workplace collaboration tools and Google Chrome Enterprise to:

  • Scale a self-service program at any organization.
  • Reduce IT resources dealing with device downtime and maintenance.
  • Increase security with built-in Chrome OS features.

Download the webinar today!

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Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Since 2008, Steve has been on the forefront of the transition to cloud-based services. He has helped companies like Whirlpool, Lexmark, Fujifilm America, Celestica, The New York Times, and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation make the transition to Google’s cloud-based services. Steve spent six years in the Navy, where he got his start in computers. During his service, he visited Japan, Thailand, Bali, Austrailia, Hong Kong, and more.

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