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ATB Financial Builds a Workplace Cloud Collaboration Hive

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer on Aug 27, 2018

ATB OfficeATB Financial’s Chief Transformation Officer, Wellington Holbrook, and leadership team had a big question: “How can we transform banking if we don’t transform the way we work?” The Edmonton, Alberta-based bank knew it was time for a change.

It achieved this by embracing workplace cloud collaboration. ATB wanted to harness the collective power of its entire workforce, no matter where they were in the province, to foster a strong hive mindset through collaboration. A locked-down, inflexible digital work environment was not the right path for this journey.

Eliminating Legacy Software, Choosing G Suite

Changing direction meant replacing on-premise legacy software and eliminating poor connectivity and communication across the workforce. In doing so, ATB recently became the first bank to “Go Google” globally in an effort to work smarter, better and more customer centric.

The company dubbed this effort, “Work Reimagined,” playing on the fact a move to G Suite platform would elevate the bank’s workforce’s productivity, collaboration and efficiency to the next level to make banking “work for people.” And it would allow them to do this in a secure cloud environment.

The organization made this a reality with Onix’s help through a quick and successful G Suite deployment. We brought our A+ game to this project.

Historic G Suite Deployment in Financial Sector

This historic banking industry deployment makes us the first Google partner ever to elevate a financial institution to G Suite. The lightning-fast migration of 7,500 users across 300 locations in the province of Alberta spanned just four months, with planning occurring in the two months prior.

Deployment included migrating ATB’s entire history — 35 terabytes of data, including 340 million email messages, calendar items and contacts — to G Suite. Onix delivered a seamless deployment, with no disruption of work.

After the physical deployment, we served as the foundational structure, bolstering the effort by guiding the company to get where it needed to be, when it needed to be there during an organization-wide adoption of workplace cloud collaboration.

Deployment Success Rests on Change Management

For this effort, Onix change management experts worked alongside ATB’s leadership, known as the G Team to plan and brainstorm how to make this crucial adoption a success organization-wide, offering advice and insights from an internal communications standpoint and through training and sponsorship. Executives involved all quickly adopted G Suite tools.

Our team also helped ATB create special workforce training and engagement programs to get all workers up to speed with the implementation and adoption effort. The first, G Suite on Wheels, trained workers at multiple branches, both in remote rural areas and in the city.

The second, a multi-level sponsorship reached from C-Level to Google Champions, known as G-Evangelists. This group received training to serve as ATB’s innovation council and help with adoption. These G-Evangelists received in-depth “train the trainer” sessions to prep them for this transformation. We also offered lunch and learn sessions, as well as open “ask the expert” sessions for entire company.

As part of the transformation, we also connected ATB with other key Onix clients using G Suite, including EnPro and Whirlpool, so ATB’s leadership could hear stories of other transformations and leverage what they wanted their experience to be based on the success of others — and best practices.

Post-deployment, we continue to assist with adoption and initiatives through our Customer Success Services programs, keeping ATB moving along its cloud transformation journey and into being more than “just a bank.” 

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Robin Suttell, Content Marketer

Robin Suttell, Content Marketer

Robin is Onix's Content Marketer. She has devoted her career to the written word, developing strategic, thoughtful, relevant copy that educates, engages and entertains, both as a working journalist and marketing pro. At Onix, she oversees all marketing content initiatives for the leading cloud consultancy and solutions provider. When she's not doing the content thing, Robin continues to hone her skills an amateur car and shower singer while dreaming of gigs at a piano bar, a la The Fabulous Baker Boys. No one has called, so she remains content writing about cloud computing trends.