Amazon Kendra Delivers the Power of Machine Learning and Search

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer, - May 14, 2020

Onix is proud to participate in the launch of Amazon Kendra, a highly accurate and easy to use enterprise search service powered by machine learning from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS launched the solution earlier this week.

Amazon Kendra delivers powerful natural language enterprise search capabilities to customer websites and applications so their end users can more easily find the information they need. When users ask a question, Amazon Kendra uses finely tuned machine learning algorithms to understand the context and return the most relevant results, whether that be a precise answer or an entire document

“Search capabilities have evolved over the years. Users now expect the same experience they get from the semantic and natural language search engines and conversational interfaces they use in their personal lives,” notes Onix President and CEO Tim Needles. “Powered by machine learning and natural language understanding, Kendra improves employee productivity by up to 25%. With more accurate enterprise search, Amazon Kendra opens new opportunities for keyword-based on-premise and SaaS search users to migrate to the cloud and avoid contract lock-ins.”

Onix has been a leader in the enterprise search space since 2002. The company provides 1:1 consulting, planning and deployment of search solutions for hundreds of clients with a team that includes 10 certified deployment engineers. Onix has won six prestigious awards for enterprise search and boasts a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

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