A Digital Transformation Is Within Your Reach. Seize It!

Stop for a moment. Where was your business digitally five years ago, or even three? Has it changed? If you are in the cloud or still relying upon on-premise, legacy applications, maybe it’s time to explore a digital transformation.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to have your employees working in silos. It isn’t the way to spark the next big idea or have them build trust and open lines of communication. Collaboration, teamwork and productivity from anywhere at any time are the keys to elevating your organization to the next level.

And that likely won’t happen if you stay in a legacy environment. Trust me, there is life after the legacy platform, and it’s a work world you approach life cloud first.

What Steps Does a Digital Transformation Follow?

At Onix, we don’t just deploy cloud solutions for our clients; we also practice what we preach. We’ve been where you are today, looking up to the cloud from a legacy app environment. We took the leap and underwent our own digital transformation process and moved to the cloud.

All of our teams, whether they work at our HQ in Lakewood, Ohio, our office in Toronto or remotely work in the cloud using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) productivity and collaboration tools — Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Meet and more. It’s a daily way of life in our organization. We're true believers taking a cloud computing journey.

When we explored making this change, we followed the same path that our clients take. We used our own experience to create cloud transformation services that guide our clients through their own digital transformation initiatives.

We recommend following a four-step transformation to guide your journey to increased collaboration and reduced costs by moving from your legacy software into a new world of productivity in the cloud. It will draw out inspiration, identify pain points and help you re-engineer the way your organization works in a way that’s uniquely your own. Here's a roadmap to business transformation:

Assessing and Planning

First, take a hard look at your work environment. You can do this on your own or engage the skilled eye of a cloud partner like Onix. Examine all departments to see how they work now — and what can be improved for the future. Identify all of the moving parts that could drive or hinder a cloud migration.

Once you’ve determined all of these important factors, you can then craft plans for change management based on how everyone in your organization works. You also will be able to design processes for enablement to get this digital transformation framework off the ground. This includes looking at what you need to do with respect to internal communications and training efforts.


Now that you’ve laid out your roadmap for deployment and enablement, it’s time to rally the troops and excite them about the big changes for the better that are in the works. Bear in mind, change can be difficult for some people. They’ve done things a certain way for so long that they can’t fathom something new.

You need to engage, excite and inspire them about this cloud transformation. If you don’t have the buy-in of your teams (or your executives, for that matter), the process can be slow, painful and even a failure. You want to foster an energized culture of continuous improvement.

That’s why you should start this phase long before you kick off deployment by...

  • Creating powerful, engaging messaging around the transformation process and its benefits
  • Looking for potential early adopters who can help you lead the charge across your workforce
  • Planning for wide-scale training initiatives to help people understand this change is for the better.

At Onix, we have created transformation workshops that lead clients through this process and recommend these tactics based on our own experiences of both moving to the cloud and many years of assisting our clients in their journeys. We know it’s an exciting time for your organization, so you want all of your internal stakeholders to understand and embrace this. Starting the engagement process early is a key to widespread cloud success across your organization.


In this phase, you’ll stop brainstorming and roll up your sleeves to start the hands-on work. You'll begin to remove your existing on-prem licenses and make a focused transition to the cloud with a planned migration. Here’s the story of one Onix client that embraced transformation and change the way it works for good.

Edmonton, Alberta-based ATB Financial recently did just that. After assessing and planning the move from an on-premise Office environment and getting its workforce psyched up for the change, this leading Canadian bank took the transformative plunge. It built a workplace collaboration hive centered on Google Workspace. The hive was designed to take the institution to the next level.

It was no small task. Onix worked with ATB to deliver this seamless deployment of digital transformation technologies, with no disruption of work. The lightning-fast migration of 7,500 users across 300 locations in the province of Alberta spanned just four months, with planning occurring in the two months prior.

Deployment included migrating ATB’s entire history — 35 terabytes of data, including 340 million email messages, calendar items and contacts — to Google Workspace. And we also teamed up to inspire the entire ATB workforce throughout the process.

ATB’s digital transformation is just one example of how buy-in, planning and the desire to change the way you work lays the groundwork for a solid cloud migration, one that’s done on your organization's terms with a solid partner that understands your unique position in the marketplace.


Aligning your IT infrastructure with your organization’s business objectives isn’t a small undertaking. We understand that. And we also understand that your digital transformation doesn’t end after the actual migration.

It’s a continual process that requires ongoing training, support and service so you can remain inspired and current with ever-evolving technology. A cloud partner like Onix enables you with the tools and assistance you need to you keep your digital transformation relevant and on track in a way that works best for your organization.

Today, the majority of IT business leaders believe a cloud transformation has moved beyond something that is a good idea to something that now is a matter of business survival. They and their trusted cloud partners built a strategy, designed a roadmap and launched organization-wide change, all for the better.

Are you ready to join them? The journey is easier than you think!

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Kevin Verde, Manager, Collaboration and Productivity Solutions

Kevin Verde, Manager, Collaboration and Productivity Solutions

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