Strong Data Accessibility & Recovery Mark New Onix Alliance

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager, - Dec 12, 2018

Is your data recoverable during unplanned downtime? Thanks to our new strategic partner, Actifio, the world’s leading enterprise Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) software provider, you don’t need to worry about data recovery and data accessibility.

Onix and Actifio are collaborating to deliver powerful infrastructures teamed with data replication and disaster recovery insurance. These combined services will enable enterprises to completely invest in data migration, guaranteeing business continuity for mission-critical business applications and continuous data access. There's no better time to start a cloud journey or reinvent your cloud goals.

Data Solution Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Actifio’s Data-as-a-Service platform enables thousands of users around the world to deliver their data just as they deliver their applications and a service available instantly, anywhere. An enterprise-class software platform powered by patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, Actifio frees data from traditional infrastructure to accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud, build higher quality applications faster, and improve business resiliency and availability. It’s a natural fit for Onix and its clients who require cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

“Our mission at Onix is to provide our clients with the highest level of organizational efficiency through our cloud-based solutions,” said John Lawler, Director of Cloud Professional Services at Onix. “Our alliance with Actifio provides the perfect opportunity to expand our comprehensive portfolio of options. As we increase our focus on these cloud-driven digital transformations, we’re looking forward to building this great collaborative relationship with Actifio.”

Ashok Ramu, Actifio Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Solutions, said the partnership is one that will expand cloud solutions for organizations looking to start a cloud journey or enhance their existing cloud environment.

“As enterprises seek out the latest data management and cloud infrastructure solutions to meet their evolving digital needs, Actifio is excited to join forces with Onix to add our data-as-a-service platform to their cloud-focused initiatives,” Ramu said. “Onix can now provide its clients with an even more enhanced, secure cloud experience with unprecedented data accessibility while simultaneously driving innovation and efficiency within their businesses.”

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