Onix and Google for Government

Onix and Google for Government Empower US Federal Agencies to Better Serve Citizens

U.S. citizens want more responsive, open and efficient service from their federal government. They are frustrated when interactions fall short of what they’ve come to expect in the consumer world. As a result, agencies are seeking technology solutions and applications that offer a smooth and cost-effective path to a more efficient and accessible government organization.

Many technology solutions promise to help the U.S. federal government become more accessible and serve citizens better. Yet on-premise infrastructure and other outdated technologies can’t deliver seamless communications and information to employees and constituents.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Onix can help agencies with Google for Government:
  • FedRAMP compliant G Suite and App Engine
  • Consumer-trusted Google Enterprise Search and Google Maps
  • Google’s Cloud Platform and
  • Chrome devices for mobile computing, kiosks and digital signs.

As an independent technology company, we also build our own transformational products and provide consulting services that help U.S. federal government agencies deliver unique value to constituents, employees and other stakeholders.

To see Onix’s extensive experience implementing technologies for U.S. state and local government agencies, read our Public Sector IT page.

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Since 1992 Onix has worked with a multitude of Civilian, Department of Defense and Intelligence agencies.
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Google for Government Case Study

A 90-Day G Suite Transition

See how United States Holocaust Memorial Museum transitioned to G Suite in 90 days. Now in the cloud, employees are empowered to get their jobs done more effectively.

Onix US Federal Contracts
Standing Offer Contracts:

Onix is a small business and a government supply source for GSA Schedule #GS-35F-5519H. Our long history of successful contract management and sales support has enabled us to be a valuable supplier to many Federal government groups.

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