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Upgraded Canadian Government IT Solutions and Apps Boost Efficiency and Service

Canadian citizens interact with public services daily and are active participants in civic life. These days they expect government services to be digitally enabled. Therefore, it’s crucial that Canadian government agencies respond in order to keep citizens engaged and satisfied.

In order to be efficient and serve effectively, public groups must also activate vast stores of data for transparency, searchability and rapid response, whether it’s to streamline processes or to inform and educate.

As a result the Canadian government must upgrade IT environments through cloud computing, data center optimization and mobility solutions. Technology upgrades help agencies achieve greater cost and operational efficiency — and improved citizen services.

Onix and Google provide a flexible, future-proofed foundation and user-familiar tools for government groups including G SuiteGoogle Enterprise SearchGoogle MapsGoogle Cloud Platform and Google Chrome.

As an independent technology company, we also build our own transformational products and provide consulting services that help Canadian government agencies deliver unique value to constituents, employees and other stakeholders.

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Onix has provided technology products and services for a multitude of Canadian government agencies.
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Canadian Government Contracts

Onix is a small business and a government supply source for the Minister of Service Alberta Standing Offer Contract Number: GOA-2498. Our long history of successful contract management and sales support has enabled us to be a valuable supplier to many Federal and Provincial government groups in Canada.

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