Google Healthcare API:

A Force Multiplier in Health and Life Sciences

As part of the Virtual 2020 Health DevJam event, Google Cloud Healthcare API Product Lead Andy Crowne and Onix Health discussed how Google and Onix are working to drive interoperability in healthcare.

Watch Andy's presentation to learn about  leveraging Google's Healthcare API, FHIR standards, and Cloud-based analytics tools to liberate healthcare data.

UPDATING ONIX Google Healthcare API - A Force Multiplier

Included in this Webinar:

Interoperability: Then & Now

We've been trying to accomplish interoperability in healthcare longer than you think. In 2020, things are changing.


Solving for Data Access in Testing

Lack of high-quality test data has been the missing piece in health IT. With the help of SYNTHEA, Onix helps overcome this issue.


FHIR Standards

Hear how Google Cloud and Onix are leveraging the next generation of data standards to empower secure data sharing.



Why Cloud in Healthcare? 

Learn why healthcare organizations are increasingly embracing the cloud's security, redundancy, and interoperability.



What's Next From Google? 

Learn what Google Cloud is planning with APIs and cloud-based tools to continue to securely transform healthcare.



Use Cases & Examples 

See how Onix is currently deploying Google Cloud tools to derive actionable insights from healthcare data. 

Meet Our Presenter:

Andy Crowne

Google Cloud - Product Lead, Google Cloud Healthcare API