Case Study & Video: Solving the Interoperability Problem with the Google Healthcare API


In healthcare, crucial data often resides in siloed systems that don't communicate well with one another. In this interview-style Case Study and Project Overview Video, we discuss how the Google Cloud Healthcare API helps to unlock the potential of healthcare data by empowering secure, scalable information exchange between health IT systems and cloud-powered applications.

Read and watch to learn how Onix is accelerating and simplifying the deployment of this transformational tool.


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Topics discussed include:


Securely Empowering Analytics

Learn how the Healthcare API allows users to take advantage of analytics tools in GCP to deliver actionable health insights.

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Supporting Healthcare Data Needs

Hear about the critical healthcare services the Healthcare API supports, including de-identification and granular security controls.


Leveraging FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM

Understand how the Healthcare API leverages these three data standards to eliminate information silos.


Solving for Data Access in Testing

Lack of high-quality test data has been the missing piece in health IT. With the help of SYNTHEA, Onix helps overcome this issue.


Helping Health IT Developers

Generating test data can be difficult: a new GCP application will enable developers to easily integrate synthetic test data.

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Developing Best Practices

Learn how Onix's experiments output a repeatable, scalable process to accelerate deployment of the Healthcare API.

Featured Interviewees/Speakers:

Yasir Drabu, PhD

Principal Engineer

Onix Health & Life Sciences Divsion


Sunnie Southern, MS, RD, LD

VP of Health & Life Sciences

Onix Health & Life Sciences Division

Southern Sunnie 2020

Unlock the power of clinical data in GCP with the Google Cloud Healthcare API.

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