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Innovation is key in today’s fast-paced, competitive healthcare environment. Onix has enabled hundreds of health and life science organizations to realize the power of the cloud to securely work simpler, smarter and faster in a compliant environment. We do this by providing solutions and specialized services that:

  • Securely enhance collaboration
  • Optimize resources
  • Increase insights
  • Accelerate innovation
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  • Improve employee collaboration. Cloud collaboration can make work simpler and easier for employees, reducing duplication of effort and minimizing employee burn-out.
  • Find information, streamline workflows and improve knowledge management. The cloud makes finding and managing information simple and intuitive. This enables faster, more effective decision-making and execution.


  • Securely and reliably find, share, and store data. With the cloud, you can not only securely store your data, but also easily find, share, and control access to it.
  • Reach more patients where they are. Innovation in the cloud allows you to expand patient care and reach beyond hospital walls by enabling remote care, virtual visits and secure information sharing.
  • Modernize your infrastructure in a HIPAA-compliant environment. Have confidence and peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is modern, secure, scalable and always “on”. This allows you to focus on more strategic growth initiatives.


  • Leverage big data for faster and smarter insights and decisions. The cloud enables you to leverage your data to increase insights and make informed, faster, and more strategic business and healthcare decisions.
  • Accelerate discovery and increase speed to insights and outcomes. Operating at the speed of the cloud enables you to increase innovation and accelerate the time from insight to discovery to outcome.

Health & Life Sciences Key Solutions

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Workplace Cloud Collaboration

Cloud technology is at the heart of the connected workplace, accelerating the pace of innovation. We elevate health and life science organizations with an impactful digital transformation that gives your employees more intuitive, HIPAA-compliant connected tools that empower teams to work simpler, easier and more innovatively. Learn more
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Cloud Infrastructure

We help health and life science organizations build, innovate and scale using secure, elastic, HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure and services that are driving growth and revolutionizing medical innovation and patient care. Learn more

Enterprise Search

We provide you with solutions aimed at helping your teams find information and data faster, streamline workflows and refine efficiencies, improve knowledge management and enhance decision-making. Learn more
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Modern Browser and Devices

The Chrome operating system and related devices focus on four pillars: Speed, Simplicity, Security and Shareability. All combine to provide an amazing user experience. We can help with planning, deployment and ongoing technical support services. Learn more
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Big Data & Machine Learning

We ensure your data is working for you by consolidating it into one cloud location and leveraging it into valuable insight and action to enhance population health, drive research and improve clinical outcomes. Learn more
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Maps & Location-Based Services

We’ll help you develop functional maps for your sites, applications and internal platforms. You can also leverage custom mapping to develop patient-centric services such as find-a-doc and advanced check-in, or solutions for “in the field” employees like home health workers. Learn more
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Custom Application Development

Today's health and life science challenges are complex. Many demand solutions spanning multiple platforms and technologies. Our custom app development team will work with you to design a solution that meets the needs of your care providers and patients. Learn more

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