Hands On with Google Cloud Data Analytics

  • Data Foundation

  • Data Ingestion

  • Data Analytics & Insights

  • GCP Machine Learning Primer








Creating a data platform using traditional enterprise databases and ETL tools is hard. Maybe your team has been struggling with it for years, and you know all about the barriers of licensing, infrastructure, scale, and data governance, or maybe you’re looking to innovate in your business and you don’t know where to start. 

In one afternoon, you will gain practical experience on the fundamentals of data science using BigQuery, including how to create a dataset in BigQuery by importing CSV and JSON files; harness the power of BigQuery with sophisticated SQL analytical concepts, including using BigQuery ML to train a model using the ingested data, and revel in awe of all the new insights you’ve revealed. Although the focus is on Google Cloud technology, you will be able to apply these concepts to other Clouds, so everyone is welcome.

Join us on Thursday, February 23rd, for our Google Cloud Data Analytics hands-on event in Halifax - or virtually!

We look forward to seeing you in person or virtually. All attendees participating in person will be eligible for lunch and an opportunity to catch up with peers.
For virtual participants, a Google Meet link will be provided as we get closer to the event date.

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About the speakers

Nickolaos Contaxakis

Onix - Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect

Matt Joy

Google Cloud - Customer Engineer


Event agenda


11:30 AM - Lunch & Networking

12:00 PM - Welcome & Introductions 

12:30 PM - Presentation: GCP Data Primer

1:10 PM - 5min Break

1:15 PM - Presentation: Data Ingestion and Analytics on GCP

2:00 PM - Lab 1: Ingesting data into Big Query

2:30 PM - Presentation: GCP Fundamentals of Machine Learning

3:15 PM - Lab 2: Use What You Have Learned

4:00 PM - Close Out

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2023

Location: The Old Triangle (Seanchai - 2nd Floor),
5136 Prince St, Halifax, NS B3J 1L4, Canada

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