Webinar: Google Cloud for Digital Transformation in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Supporting Virtual Care, Interoperability, Remote Work and Advanced Analytics in Canada

Thursday, September 24, 2020 | 12PM - 12:45PM EST  •



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Webinar Overview:

The need for practical digital transformation in healthcare and life sciences has never been more pressing. In this 30-minute webinar, experts from Google Cloud and Onix will explore how Google Cloud tools empower healthcare and life science organizations. We'll be looking at how you can:

  • Better communicate and collaborate with patients and employees, even when remote
  • Drive actionable insights from your data
  • Maintain stringent data security, privacy, and compliance standards

We look forward to helping you better serve the communities you work with.

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  • Ensuring Security, Privacy and Compliance in Canada
  • Supporting Virtual Care & Remote Work with G Suite & Meet
  • Powering Interoperability with the Google Cloud Healthcare API
  • Enabling Advanced Analytics with AI/ML, BigQuery and more

- Presenters -

mike krygier of google cloud canada
Mike Krygier
Public Sector CTO - Canada
Google Cloud Canada
Southern Sunnie 2020 square
Sunnie Southern
VP, Onix Health & Life Sciences