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Discover Gemini for Google Workspace: New Tools for a Better Way to Work

Gemini for Google Workspace is a new way of working that embeds the power of generative AI across Workspace to help you write, organize, visualize, connect, and much more.

Leverage Gemini and Contextual Assistance in Gmail

Contextual assistance in Gmail is a set of features that use artificial intelligence to help you with your email tasks more efficiently and effectively. These features can suggest replies, translate messages, schedule meetings, and more, all based on the context of the email you are reading or writing.

Improve Your Writing and Enhance Productivity with Gemini in Google Docs

Gemini can help users improve their writing and boost productivity in Google Docs in a number of ways, including: generating text, rewriting existing text, providing feedback, and suggesting relevant information.

Turn Ideas and Data Into Action With Gemini in Google Sheets

Gemini is a powerful AI tool that can be used to improve collaboration and productivity in Google Sheets in a number of ways, including: automated data classification, custom plan creation, natural language query support, and real-time collaboration.

Enhance Your Visualizations With Gemini in Google Slides and Meet

Gemini for Google Slides is a feature that allows you to create original images from text right within Google Slides. It is part of Gemini for Google Workspace Enterprise, an add-on that provides customers with the best of generative AI in Google Workspace.


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