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Google Workspace vs. Office 365:

The Business Impacts are Easy to See

Compare the impacts of Google Workspace and Office 365 in this report—and see how teams are more productive and collaborative with Google Workspace.

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95% of Google Workspace users are able to easily work with multiple people in the same document, compared to 84% of Office 365 users.


48% of users agree that Google Workspace facilitates meaningful team conversations, compared to 38% of Office 365 users.

Access to information

85% of users say Google Workspace helps break down silos that impede effectiveness, compared to 74% of Office 365 users.


60% of Google Workspace users strongly agree that their team works very well together, compared to 49% of Office 365 users.


Google Workspace seamlessly integrates all of the core elements of work, like email, chat, voice and video calling, document collaboration, storage, task management, security tools, and admin controls so your users can connect, create and collaborate, easily and securely, from wherever they are.


A solution that makes it easy to work securely from anywhere


Industry-leading AI helps you focus on high-value work


Immersive, human-centered experiences keeps people connected



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Google Workspace helps teams and organizations get more done at work and at home―with communication and collaboration tools known and loved by billions of users, thoughtfully connected together. It’s a place for shared interests, projects, planning, and group work, with simplicity, ease of use, and helpful features that make any kind of work a little more satisfying. And it’s designed from the ground up with industry-leading security and privacy controls built-in.

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