File Replication into the Cloud Quick Start

Securely store and access files in the cloud to free your workforce from on-premise hardware
File Replication HLS
In this add-on package, we will work with you to replicate and sync on-premise data in the cloud. We'll help you determine which data to replicate and sync, and also provide training on how to configure GCP and access stored data.
File Replication into the Cloud Quick Start Add-On includes: 
Set Up & Configuration
  • Create a replication strategy with you and your team.
  • Set up scheduled tasks to replicate and sync your on-prem data into GCP.
  • Provide training on how to update the configurations for GCP to ensure that you can access and restore your files as needed.
  • Demonstrate how to use tools (such as CloudBerry) to access your data stored in the cloud.
Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch to discuss the File Replication into the Cloud Quick Start Add-On package with you. Please note that if you currently do not have a Google Cloud Platform presence, the Cloud Foundations Quick Start package is required. We look forward to helping your organization with your journey!



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