Federating Google Cloud with Active Directory Workshop

Federating Google Cloud with Active Directory Workshop

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Sit down with an expert during this day-long workshop that walks you through the basics of Cloud Identity, Google's service for authentication and access management -- and learn how to use it with your current Active Directory solution. We'll cover integration with your AD instance, mapping and common mistakes made when working with Cloud Identity.


  • Google Cloud Identity
  • Federating Cloud Identity with AD
  • AD and Google Cloud Logical Structures
  • Mapping Forests
  • Mapping DNS Domains
  • Mapping Users
  • Mapping Groups

Common Questions Addressed in this Workshop:

  • What is Google Cloud Identity?
  • What are cloud standards for authentication and access management?
  • How can I integrate my Active Directory with Cloud Identity?
  • How do I know what mapping to choose?
  • Introduction to Google Cloud Identity
  • Implementing Federation
  • Mapping Forests, DNS Domains, Users, Groups, Organization Units
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