Data Modernization_ Assessment & Strategy Workshop

Data Modernization: Assessment & Strategy Workshop

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Do you understand your data and can you move it quickly to market? Is it accessible to your stakeholders to give them actionable information in a timely way? Is your infrastructure modernized to keep up with your competitors? Our data cloud consultants have deep experience working with data on cloud platforms. Not only do they understand the technology, but also how to optimize your strategy, approach and processes to enable your business secure and fast access to decision-making data critical to your company's success.

This two-day assessment and strategy workshop begins with an assessment of your goals, business outcomes, current state technology, processes and skills. Next, we walk you through the general standards and principles for using a cloud platform for your data. Finally, we deep dive with you to create your data modernization roadmap.


  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Data Lakes
  • The potential use cases for AI/ML in your business

Common Questions Addressed in this Workshop:

  • When should you migrate your data to the cloud?
  • How can cloud data warehousing be scaled on a cloud platform?
  • What are the benefits of a data lake?
  • What kind of data resides in a data lake? How do I use it?
  • What cloud data tools are available to my business?
  • Day 1: Discovery
  • Day 1: General Cloud Data Strategies, Principles, Technologies and Processes
  • Day 2: Create a Data Modernization Roadmap
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