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Our Clients Never Travel to the Cloud Alone

We understand each Onix customer embarks upon a unique cloud journey. And we make sure they never have to navigate this transformational path alone. 

When you choose Onix as your cloud solutions partner, we meet you where you are on your journey and stay with you to provide ongoing, dedicated service and support long after planning and deployment end. 

Over the years, we've helped many Onix customers elevate their organizations to the next level of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and success. Here are some Onix customers who successfully landed in the cloud with our help and have comfortably remained there.

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Team Members Collaborating Around Computer

Aldo needed reliable support for its 4,000-user G Suite deployment. Onix's dedicated 24/7/365 support services delivered.

Associated Bag Company

Onix successfully deployed G Suite to elevate Associated Bag Company to the next level from a legacy, on-prem environment.


Onix helped ATB deploy G Suite company-wide to optimize workflows and processes and improve customer engagement.

Budget Dumpster

Onix helped Budget Dumpster deploy microservice architecture designed to address scaling and resiliency needs.


A 90-day G Suite deployment, along with enterprise search and custom app dev, boosted collaboration for 12,000 users. CBC also has started to explore offerings in big data and machine learning by participating in Google Analytics training, Data Studio dashboards and Big Query.


Celestica enjoys better productivity and collaboration through G Suite, Chromebox for meetings and GCP.

City of Columbia

Columbia’s 1,200 employees have better workplace productivity and communication after a smooth, budget-saving G Suite migration.

City of Germantown

Germantown’s legacy email couldn’t keep up with the city’s 500+ employees. Onix and G Suite solved that.

City of Marysville, OH

Migrating to G Suite improved productivity through collaboration for Marysville’s 200 employees — and reduced IT costs.

City of Newaygo, MI

The city deployed G Suite and Google Vault for better company collaboration and digital archiving.

City of Traverse City

G Suite simplified IT management and gave Grand Traverse County and Traverse City secure cloud collaboration for 525 staff.

Columbia Sussex Coporation

Moving from legacy email to the cloud with G Suite reshaped how Columbia Sussex employees work and share together.


Google Maps Platform delivered a powerful solution for scheduling and tracking Covent Bridge field investigator activity.


The Dept. of the Interior chose to Go Google, giving its 90,000+ workers secure collaboration with ongoing support from Onix.

Dominion Enterprises

From easy meeting scheduling to video chat to cloud email, G Suite improved productivity for Dominion’s 4,000 workers.


Onix broke down silos for the One EnPro initiative by helping the company go Google, improving productivity and communication.

Florida Fish & Wildlife

The commission helps Florida residents and tourists locate boat ramps statewide with Google Maps Platform.


G Suite has given Garland Industries seamless, secure file sharing and communication across multiple locations.

Gold Bond

Onix created a custom application development workflow solution that integrates G Suite to increase productivity at Gold Bond.

Hill Holliday

G Suite gave Hill York’s field techs a direct, real-time connection to the office. Other Google solutions boosted overall efficiency.

Hopkinton, MA

Hopkinton wanted a “less is more” approach to IT while increasing overall productivity. Onix solved this need with G Suite.

Irving Materials

Migrating from a legacy Microsoft platform to G Suite cut IT costs and improved productivity through collaboration at Irving Materials.

Jarlette Health Services

Chrome devices elevated staff-patient engagement, while G Suite encouraged collaboration in thriving senior-care facilities.

Macmillian Publishers

Macmillan turned to Onix to roll out G Suite workplace productivity tools across multiple sites, countries and time zones.

Macomb County, MI

Onix deployed G Suite for this Michigan county court and clerk’s office for a secure, accessible solution that saves IT dollars.


Magtec needed a more reliable reverse geocode solution. Onix and Google Maps Platform delivered.


In Going Google, Manitoulin moved from a legacy email system to G Suite. Onix led the transformation.


Onix elevated the online auctioneer's infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform and resolved security vulnerabilities.

Monroe County, MI

Monroe County and the City of Monroe left legacy platforms for G Suite, prompting other county municipalities to do the same.

News America Marketing

News America Marketing sought a smooth G Suite deployment for 1,100 users. Onix made it happen.


Nittec uses Google Maps Platform to help travelers efficiently cross the Niagara-area U.S.-Canadian border.

Peabody Essex Museum

More productivity. Less IT budget. Onix addressed this private museum's needs by deploying G Suite.

Pinty's Delicious Foods

G Suite helped Pinty's improve communication with better speed and follow-through company-wide.


Onix optimized Pipedrive's Google Maps Platform usage in its CRM to reduce map costs and increase usage.


Railserve’s internal infrastructure needed to be able to support their growth and be prepared for today’s security challenges.

Rochester Hills

The City of Rochester Hills, Michigan, cut IT costs and improved collaboration by moving to the cloud with G Suite.

Roots Canada

Onix helped Roots Canada increase worker productivity and improve security and data accessibility in the cloud.

Sales Partnerships

Sales Partnerships built territory mapping into its custom CRM solution. Onix maximized it with Google Maps Platform and Carto.

Scott's Miracle-Gro Company

Going Google at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company broke down inefficient silos for better collaboration and productivity.

Service Companies

This luxury hospitality company found a better way to share messaging with workers across all locations: G Suite.


Tbaytel connected employees across multiple sites and created a leaner IT structure with G Suite and Google Sites.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

A 90-day G Suite migration gave this museum a better platform for organization-wide collaboration — with less IT support.

University of Notre Dame

In less than four months, Onix migrated the university's legacy campus email, 15,000+ accounts and 10TB of data, to G Suite.


This veterinary hospital network used G Suite to integrate new acquisitions into better collaboration and to centralize data.

Washington County, NY

With G Suite, Washington County, New York, freed its IT department to focus on critical initiatives instead of aging, legacy email.