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Cloud Transformation and The Future of Work

Aligning your IT infrastructure with your organization’s business objectives isn’t a small undertaking, but not taking this important step can have potentially devastating consequences for your business. Today, the majority of IT business leaders believe a cloud transformation has moved beyond something that is a good idea to something that now is a matter of business survival. Are you ready to join them?

You don’t have to make this cloud transformation journey alone. We’re here to help you find opportunities and accelerate your cloud revolution! Take a look at our cloud transformation services below.

Elevate Adoption & Transformation

Elevate Adoption & Transformation 

Have you hit an adoption plateau with your productivity solutions? Our Elevate Adoption and Transformation service lifts you off that plateau and takes you to the next level.

We assess how your organization uses its current legacy productivity suite to plan and execute a well-managed transition to the cloud. This transition will reduce costs and improve collaboration and productivity across your organization. 

When you pursue your cloud transformation with us, you can be assured you’ll enjoy our award-winning services in communications, change management and application development. What’s more, our expert team offers training courses globally in 20 different languages. 

Why not sign up for a transformation workshop today and see the difference for yourself? It just might help you uncover incredible business improvement opportunities.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Every business needs to transform in one way or another to stay in the race. But the needs of each business are different and complex.

At Onix, our industry-leading business transformation methodology and consulting expertise inspire your teams to create a better work environment. We guide your transformation by working with you in a unique, exploratory lab environment to:

  • Draw out inspiration for improvement
  • Identify the specific pain points holding you back from improvement
  • Re-engineer your processes to creatively solve these challenges
  • Brainstorm to develop the exact process to create and foster a culture of continuous improvement
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Security Audit

Security Audit

Don't wait for a cyberattack to realize your IT security protocol isn’t as strong as it should be. 

Cyberattacks have compromised data at more than 75 percent of U.S. organizations. And, the average cost of these corporate breaches is staggering — nearly $3.5 million. Believe it or not, most of these data breaches could have been avoided. 

That’s why you need to build a preventive front-line defense as you are making your cloud transformation. A comprehensive, proactive security audit will help you mitigate possible threats to your domain before trouble happens.

Our cloud security consultants work with you to review your IT security needs and implement best practices to ensure your important information remains safe and secure.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices have become an integral part of doing business in today’s competitive marketplace. But do you have a management plan in place for any company-owned devices used within your workforce?

Implementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) throughout your organization can be complicated but is necessary. We take the pain out of it by helping you implement and manage your MDM platform. Services include:

  • Mobile Assessment Reporting
  • Mobile Kickoff Workshop
  • Implementation Plan
  • Deployment of Google's EMM
  • Managed Devices Inventory

Partnering with the Best to Meet Your Needs

We partner with today’s IT industry leaders to ensure that our clients leverage the most capable cloud technologies that elevate their businesses to new heights.
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Don’t take your cloud transformation journey alone. We’ll travel with you, sharing our vast expertise at every step along the way.

We’ll make sure your business transformation is secure and easily adoptable, and that it takes all the moving pieces into account. Along this path, we’ll manage your organization's mobile devices and elevate your company-wide collaboration and productivity to the next level. We’ll even train you and your team to make the most out of your cloud transformation investment.

Cloud Workplace Collaboration Solutions

Our customers are more than a transaction. They’re teammates. And we’re here to help them elevate their organizations to the next level of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and success. Explore our Cloud Workplace Collaboration solutions today.

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