Using Cloud Computing For Faster Discovery: How The NIA Took Parkinson’s Research To The Cloud

Join life science and genomic industry leaders -- the Statistical Genetics Group Lead for the National Institute on Aging and the co-founder of Google Genomics -- and learn how researchers use the cloud to securely store, process, explore and share biological datasets. 

During this webinar you will:

  • Hear firsthand how the National Institute on Aging used Google Genomics to aggregate and process local datasets gathered from constituents across the globe to support Parkinson’s research
  • Learn how to leverage the cloud to gather global research datasets, overcome compute availability resource limitations, and maintain strict data access controls for large-scale projects
  • Learn how Google Genomics is helping scientists in cancer genomics, autism and large patient cohort analyses
  • Be introduced to cloud bursting with secure datasets and learn how to gain performance and flexibility in workflows accessing GATK or Galaxy clusters
  • Understand the value an authorized Google partner can bring in terms of facilitating project onboarding, setup, procurement, billing, reporting and support.

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