Cloud Foundations Quick Start

Get up and running in the cloud - quickly and securely - to help transition to remote work
Cloud Foundations HLS
This is our essential package to get you started working in the cloud. We'll configure your GCP environment (including one site-to-site VPN to access your on-prem environment), secure your accounts and provision users.
Cloud Foundations Quick Start includes: 
Set Up & Configuration
  • Configure billing and access control.
  • Provision accounts and develop Identity Access Management (IAM) protocols.
  • Ensure security settings are properly configured.
  • Finalize IP addressing scheme.
  • Provide administrators with template communications to explain to users where to find appropriate resources.
  • Work with administrators to install the Google Meet plugin for Outlook.

Cloud Foundations Quick Start is the base-level package to get you up and running in Google Cloud Platform. Additional Quick Starts can be layered on top of this package. Please see the HLS Remote Work Enablement Package page for those options. 

Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch to discuss the Cloud Foundations Quick Start with you. We look forward to helping your organization with your journey!

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