Cloud Containerization

Cloud Containerization: Evolving Your Organization

You have a challenge: How do you get software to run reliably when it’s moved from one computing environment to another?

This can include when software moves from a developer's laptop to a test environment, from a staging environment into production, and perhaps from a physical machine in a data center to a virtual machine in a private or public cloud.

The solution is to put your software in cloud containers. With cloud containerization, you can move fast, deploy more efficiently and operate at an unprecedented scale.

We Help You Reap the Benefits of Cloud Containers

Our experienced team of cloud specialists will elevate your organization through our targeted cloud containerization solutions, which offer numerous benefits.

Cloud Containerization works on any platform.

Cloud containers are portable. Because they wrap up applications with everything they need to run, you’re able to easily and reliably run applications on different environments. This portability creates flexibility, speeds up the development process and simplifies your ability to switch to another cloud environment or provider.

You’ll be able to reduce resources and costs.

Containers don’t need a separate operating system, so they also require fewer resources. The smaller size of a container compared to a VM makes it possible to run more containers than VMs on a single server. And, because their utilization rate is higher with regard to the underlying hardware, you can reduce hardware and data center costs.

Cloud containers function independently of one another.

Cloud containers run on the same server and use the same resources, but never interact with each other. That means if one application crashes or is hacked, the negative effects of this won’t spread to other containers.

Making changes to cloud containers is quick and easy.

Containers don’t require an operating system boot, so you can create, destroy or replicate them in a matter of seconds. This can speed up many things, including development, time to market and even operational speed.

Immense scaling efforts will go more smoothly.

With cloud containerization, you’ll enjoy the ability to scale horizontally by increasing the number of identical containers in a cluster. For smart scaling, run only the containers you need in real-time to help cut resource costs and boost your return on investment.

Improve developer productivity and development pipeline.

Cloud containerization helps drive an effective development pipeline. It ensures applications function as designed and eliminates location inconsistencies, simplifying testing and debugging. This means you’ll have fewer differences in the software when it runs on your computer, the test server or in the actual production environment.
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Working with the Best to Meet Your Needs

We work with a variety of cloud containerization tools to provide broad expertise and best practices.

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Onix Cloud Professional Services, through our partnerships with Google Cloud and AWS, can help you create a secure, elastic, future-proof cloud strategy — one that modernizes your existing infrastructure and applications by incorporating a cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid-cloud environment.

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