Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect the Vital Information that Keeps Your Organization Running with Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, your organizational growth and success relies on the ability to have secure and accessible data.

We leverage our partnerships with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to elevate and protect vital information for organizations of all sizes with our cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Our cloud data protection solutions provide fast and reliable recovery of your critical enterprise data, while reducing costs and freeing your IT staff to focus on more important organizational growth initiatives.

Onix Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

You’ll enjoy multiple benefits with our cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery services. By leveraging our cloud specialists’ expertise, we’ll ensure your implementation is successful and your vital information remains secure.

Keep your business running and avoid downtime.

Depending on the size of your business, even a short downtime can cost you millions of dollars. Our solutions reduce the risk and cost associated with downtime. Your applications and data are continuously backed-up to a safe and secure location, and can be recovered in minutes, instead of hours, days or not at all.

Disaster-proof your vital information.

It takes only minutes in a flood or fire to lose years of important information. Cloud backup automatically transfers your data offsite for storage and recovery. No matter what disaster strikes, your organization can quickly restore data from moments before the event occurred.

Take advantage of our expertise and resources.

You can leverage our expertise to securely protect and provide uninterrupted access to all your data. You’ll achieve significant competitive advantages with the latest technology, infrastructure and scalability that a cloud solution provides.

Let your IT team focus on more important initiatives.

Traditional on-premise backup methods are time-consuming and tedious for IT staff. Our cloud backup solutions allow your IT team to work on other projects that more directly impact your business growth.

Offload regulatory compliance requirements.

Most industries have adopted their own regulations for governing offsite data protection and retention. If vital data is exposed, inaccessible or lost, your organization could be held liable for any fallout. Cloud backup automatically moves your data offsite to a secure facility — a requirement for many industries.

The cloud is more secure than your own data center.

Data backed up to the cloud stays safe and accessible in offsite storage. In fact, the best cloud solutions encrypt your data before it moves through a secure cloud channel. And it stays encrypted at the offsite storage location. Only authorized users with the correct keys can decrypt it.

Ease of use with no training required.

Cloud backup services offer ease of use and a wide range of control for users during recovery. You determine which functions occur automatically, yet still have the ability to manage and monitor the backup and recovery process.
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Onix Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Partnerships

We partner with a number of complementary technology leaders to ensure we provide the best solutions possible for your unique business needs and challenges.
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Customer Highlight

Elevating to the cloud for disaster recovery

A Canadian auctioneer decided to elevate its online business to the cloud for more efficient and secure operations. Its two domains, hosted by its data center/network provider, created multiple pain points. Their aging legacy hardware performed poorly, their system lacked scalability and there was no disaster recovery plan in place.

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