Grab and Go

Keep Your Workforce Productive With Self-Service Chromebooks

Suppose one of your employees forgets their laptop at home, leaves it on the bus, spills hot coffee all over it or the device just dies. What happens next?

They’ll likely spend hours or even days on the sidelines waiting for a new device -- or urgently direct your busy IT staff resolve the situation.

Grab and Go by Chrome Enterprise makes it easy for employees to pick up a Chromebook and get to work in seconds. It’s a self-service program designed to keep employees working without the need for IT assistance.

What Is Grab and Go?

Grab and Go is an automated self-service shared Chromebook program. It includes Chromebooks, charging shelves, Chrome Enterprise license and automated device management software. All of these components are procured, customized, and managed by you and Onix.

How it works:

  • Self service: Centrally located racks of fully charged Chromebooks are readily available to borrow by any employee with a business account.
  • Quick sign-in:The employee signs in  to the Chromebook and the appropriate company management policies are immediately applied on startup. Thanks to Chrome Sync, all of the employee’s bookmarks, passwords, extensions, history, and personal settings are there—users can pick up right where they left off.
  • Effortless return: When finished, the employee simply logs out and places the device back on the Grab and Go shelf.  No resets or imaging are required because Chrome OS encrypts individual user profiles by default and data is wiped at the end of each session.
  • 24/7 access: Because there is no check-in/out process or need for assistance from the IT department at any stage throughout the journey, devices are readily accessible for employees any time.
Grab and Go

Grab and Go services offered by Onix

  • A variety of Chromebooks (Pixelbook, Asus, Acer, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, AOpen), powered carts to store the Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise licenses
  • Configuration and deployment of the Grab and Go web app and Chrome app
  • Collateral customization and help with internal communications to end users
  • Admin training, ongoing support and maintenance
  • White glove device enrollment*

 *additional fee may apply


Avoid Device Downtime and Keep Your Employees Productive

Traditional loaner programs can be complex, costly, inflexible and present significant barriers to scale. With Grab and Go, you can learn how to keep your employees working while avoiding costly downtime. 

Check out this webinar replay!

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